Please stop by Fireside Learning, browse the educational topics we're discussing...

Fireside Learning is just about two years old now. Many thanks to Steve Hargadon for the constant inspiration and modeling.

Hope you come by, and consider joining.

Here are some of the recent topics:

*Teachers at Work: Improving Teacher Quality Through School Design"...
* Curiosity is the key. Isn't it?
* Grades
* Concept-Based History Classroom
* I need some help, especially Apple Friendly teachers
* GoodWork Toolkit Blog
* In Memoriam: Theodore Ryland Sizer-June 23, 1932 - October 21, 2009
* School Lunches — Does Nutrition Matter?
* Who is the learner of the future? What matters most for this learner?
* Uncompensated Work: case in point - the business of academic publis...
* Selective Mute Student.
* "Why I Left Teaching Behind" --by Sarah Fine, Washington Post
* Teacher Preparation Webcast (an FYI)
* What are your current challenges?

Recent/Ongoing Group Activity:

* Mentoring Program: Pilot for 09/10
* Roots and Wings Exchange- Reclaiming Youth Network
* Raising Horizons Quest
* epidemiology
* sustainability, news to know, complex natural problems
* Florigelia
* Harvard Project Zero Classroom, and Future of Learning

New Blog Posts:

* The Educational Value of Smartmusic
* National Education Happenings
* Education and the Superintendency
* What if School Board Members were as Connected as Teachers?
* Redefining success in my state (argh!)
* Goodwork Toolkit Blog
* follow up to " raising kids with a wild streak"
* Halloween stories from the student Storybooks this semester
* Learning to say "no" - it only took me ten years! :-)

you can access those topics by going to the website's opening page, or by going to the current round-up:

If you have any reactions to how the site looks and feels, please share.

Do you have sites you'd like to recommend, sites that help us join together as educators and uplift our profession? (Of course Classroom 2.0 and Future of Education are super-important...)

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