“The real value of online education

 is felt when you realise that education becomes

 the discovery of one’s own ignorance.”

Don't you agree???  I would be happy to hear your views regarding this. 


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Ya very nicely said Phillip.. I totally agree with your view that we come to know about our ignorance the time when we start knowing about it or gets education about this. 

Until we know the worth of a thing we don't give value to them. Similarly, unless we know what we are ignoring we can't give importance to them and here comes education. Education lits the light and shows us what we are ignoring.

school business administrator

Hi Phillip:  The value of technology will have a profound effect on the delivery of education.  Distance Education will be a key way to reach many students with quality teaching.

Dear Phillip:

My vision is that the top teachers in the world will be able to reach thousands of students through the use of technology.  The best will no longer have to do study hall, or any other duty not related to teaching.

Time will tell

 Joseph Tramontana


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