Remote teaching, distance learning, team teaching or blended learning?

Session Title: Remote teaching, distance learning, team teaching or blended learning?

Your Name: Graham Stanley

Work Title: Project Manager, Plan Ceibal

School or Organization Name: British Council

Co-Presenter Name(s): -

Area of the World from Which You Will Present: Uruguay

Language in Which You Will Present: English

Target Audience(s): Educators interested in either language teaching, young learners, educational technology

Short Session Description (one line): Innovation in teaching via video conferencing

Full Session Description (as long as you would like): In Uruguay, due to a lack of qualified and experienced teachers, English is being taught in almost 1000 primary classes across the country via video conferencing, using teachers from elsewhere (other parts of Uruguay, Argentina, the Philippines, Colombia and Mexico). Because there are two teachers, the classroom teacher (CT) and the remote teacher (RT), a new type of methodology is being developed that combines elements of distance learning, team teaching and blended learning, but which is also requires a unique approach. 

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As an Uruguayan I see this combination of teaching rewarding, specially in rural areas where qualified teachers are scarce. I have never attended a Plan Ceibal session nor have accessed to feedback from that. Would be nice to know about results/feelings from a year session to a class.
Thanks Graham for the opportunity to access to this space to exchange comments.

Alicia, I won't be sharing results (that we'll be able to do next year), but I will be talking about the kidn of teaching going on in the project and the relationship between the two teachers, which is something we've been looking at recently - I've been examining this and interviewing / observing teachers working on the project as well as helping to develop methodology guidelines that cover different aspects of this new kind of teaching. 

I am not too familiar with Uruguay. Can you describe the level of high-speed Internet connectivity? It is obviously available in some schools but is it available to many homes? Online education will help catch smaller countries up to a level playing field with larger countries. The correlation between education and income is beyond controversy. Great work Alicia! 

Sorry everyone who wanted to attend this - I have to cancel the session because of a change of flight.


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