Those who have read John Holt can appreciate How Children Fail and How Children Learn in school. But now under the dins of globalisation and the rehtoric of Millenium Development Indian schools, mostly those run by governments, seem as though meant to fail its children, both in spite of and because of the implementation of RTE (Right to Education).


How ? The problems range from shortage of teachers per grade to the relevance of the contents, from proper training of the teachers to the language of teaching in particular case of tribal children, from well-planned transactions in the classrooms to administrative supervision of the schools, from adequate amenities vailable to the children to proper conduct of the teachers. The worst losers in the process, of course, are the children from the lower strata of the society. All these are true for both secondary as well as elementary level.


I live  and work in Odisha and believe the situation is almost same in all states except a few like kerala. The trend is distressing with no sign of improvement in near future. I invite the readers to react if they think otherwise and share their concern if they have similar experiences in their repective places.

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