Second Collaborative Revision Discussion on Argumentative Essays /17/May/2013

Evening all here, this is the second argumentative essay written by “Think and Write” Group. So for tonight revision, before you start it please read the instruction below step by step:


-Read the second argumentative essay on the topic of “ Social Networks like Facebook have changed the way we socialize and communicate.

-After reading the essay and getting the clear picture of the topic, ideas and information provided by the writers, now read, understand and answer the instructor’s guiding questions that will be posted in the group one by one and these questions will guide to revise the essay in terms of four important areas: 1-content of the essay, 2-unity of the text, 3- language (grammar and meaning) and 4- mechanisms. 

Topic: Social Networks like Facebook have changed the way we socialize and communicate.


Done by:

Tasnim SA

Zaina Natour

Iman Faith

Mylightforevr Malve

Loskrètæ Rösé

Maria Dentist

Biba Pink

Ilham Melit



Social networks are a social structure made up of a set of individuals or organizations. These websites are considered one of the important ideas that the human being came up with and attracted a large number of people and made of the world a small village where difficulties in communication do not longer exist. Although this openness made our personal information exposed to the outside world, I think that the advantages and the benefits of the social networks overcome the disadvantages of it as we can see its positive effect in the different aspects of each individual's life.


First of all, social networks play a very remarkable role in communications as they allow us to stay in touch with the family, friends and colleagues, they help us too to meet new people with similar or different interests. For instance the social networks help us to share our ideas ,knowledge, opinions and personal experiences with others. In addition, social networks are a big help for some users to unblock their inner fear by helping them to express their feeling because they find the communication easier with on line friends. Moreover, Social networks play a big role in students life as they deal with education's topics and they share information and books. as a result, this will reflect positively on their academic level. Furthermore, those websites can be a great help for private investigators, employers, landlords ... because they can promote and advertise their new ideas and products in those websites. Thus, social networks become an important part of our daily life.


On the other hand, it has been argued that some people misuse these sites in an inappropriate way like creating fake accounts, posting abusive materials and so on , which is considered a form of threat and danger esp. to young users. However, this problem can be solved through the strict supervision and by warning the young users and make them aware of the dangers of these sites in order to be cautious and avoid problems in the future. Others will say that these sites influence the social lives of people in a negative way by making them unsocial in the real life as some use to spend hours in front of the computers screen and so excluding them self from the real world and also, affect their health in a bad way. But, I can say that through organizing time and learning self-control skills, this problem can be avoided as it has been proven that social net works enhance the communication skills if it is used wisely.


In a nutshell, social networks form an essential part in social interaction, education and the world of business , and in order to get the benefits of these sites, we have to use it wisely and cautiously.


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