Secretary of Education Discussion 5: Funding Equity Issues

Carol Broos is one of twelve teachers who have been invited to participate in a round table discussion concerning the direction of education with the new Secretary of Education Arne Duncan on Jan 21. She was sent five questions in preparation for the meeting. This is the fifth one:

How should funding equity issues be addressed?

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Just do it: Fund education with technology in each classroom and support the teachers, who are the ones who make the difference in student learning. Supporting teachers means providing resources and allowing them the time to use their strengths to be the professional decision makers for the students under their care. This election happened through hope. The deficit model of the past must be replaced with a hope for the future by focusing on the strengths of the teachers and students and move forward in creative and innovative curricula that engages learners and promotes growth through high standards in a positive learning environment. Update schools. Support teachers.

Will we really?

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