Her is my blog post sharing an edited version of my presentation, my slide deck, and 3 other (great) presentations that I got to participate in. It was a holiday weekend here in Canada and I couldn't participate in as many 'live' presentations as I wanted to... but I'll be coming back to the recording page quite a bit over the next few months.

Congratulations to all of the organizers and volunteers... what a great conference!

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Thank you for posting the link to your blog. I missed your session but really wanted to see / hear what you had to say on the topic "Shifting Learning"! RCSON4 was a great experience for me. I appreciate the efforts of the presenters (like you), organizers, and volunteers as well.

Thanks again. All the best to you.

Nona Barker

Thank you Nona,
I look forward to going through the archives and learning more from the other presenters. We live in a wonderfully connected world and it is great to 'meet' you here.


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