I am working on a research project examining the impact of social
networking and socialization in education. As part of this project I
would like to interview a researcher or practitioner who has
incorporated or studied social networking components in e-learning
(virtual schools, online classes, etc...) Please let me know if you
would be available to interview via Skype sometime in the next two
Thanks very much!

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Have you attempted to contact Bill Kist?
Hello,sir you can mail me the entire interview-in the form of questionnaire and i shall fill it out and send you back..
My e-mail id: kavitamrao5@gmail.com
K Kavita Rao,College Librarian,Chennai,India
Thanks guys. Yes, Bill Kist wasn't available in the time frame I needed it. But, I was able to find someone and the interview has been completed. I appreciate your replies!


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