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So, what if you’re like me and you’ve decided to go abroad to teach?


This post is what I wish I could have read before to really prepare myself for teaching abroad.


If you’ve done even a little research, I’m sure that by now you’re aware of how scary but at the same time exciting the prospect of preparing to teach abroad can be! Well get ready to just be excited, as after reading these tips, you’ll be braced with the basics of what you need to know to be able to teach abroad in one of the most thrilling and fascinating capital cities to work in – can you guess where? (*cough* The clue is in the title… *cough, cough*)


Seek a cultural understanding of Beijing

Voyaging so far away from home into unfamiliar territory can be nerve-racking, but with a basic understanding of Beijing, you can put any fears aside and replace them with excitement for what's to come! Clear up any uncertainties or worries you have beforehand, so that you are prepared for any obstacles and ready for all the amazing experiences Beijing has to offer!


With all your worries (and your parents’!) out of the way, when you arrive your understanding will be expanded with the plentiful travel and leisure activities that Aidi School provide for their foreign teachers. From the cultural immersions, activities, tours, national holiday events and more that Aidi organize for their foreign teachers to experience, I really lucked out by choosing to work there.


Do your research beforehand and choose a program to suit you

Deciding on what you want from your time teaching in Beijing is the most important step to ensuring a formidable experience. Whether you're a recent graduate or have been pursuing a career in teaching for a while, it’s likely that you want a position that will focus on developing your career prospects and skills. I choose Aidi International School because they have a holistic approach to learning that not only works focuses on your individual competencies but on enhancing your employability by preparing you for future opportunities.


And if it’s variety and options you're seeking in your teaching abroad experience, Aidi uniquely allows foreign teachers to rotate across different positions to find their best fit. This combined with the Employees Career Development Centre, an online platform offered to teachers to provide complimentary learning, creates an environment to hone in on developing specific skills and competencies important to them.


Know that you will make mistakes

Yes, this is a tip! Learn to embrace the mistakes you make as a foreign teacher because they are inevitable. Which I have learnt within my first few weeks here!


It’s important to use a certain strategy when facing obstacles in your performance or learning, otherwise you could risk not overcoming the negativity you feel when you make a mistake. This strategy involves using an attitude where you understand that your ability as a teacher is not a fixed ability and that it is malleable – it can be improved upon. If you do this, when you make an error you won’t respond by ascribing failures to your personality, which is difficult if not detrimental to change and instead to a malleable quality such as effort and determination, which can be improved upon! Research has shown that this attitude is typical of Chinese cultures, making Beijing the perfect city to practice this mind-set!


Furthermore at Aidi, performance reviews with your allocated supervisor, give you the opportunity to discuss any setbacks you may be struggling with and seek constructive and friendly advice.


Make sure your CV and application are up to date

When applying to teach abroad in competitive and high-achieving schools like Aidi, giving your CV a thorough going-over, and enlisting a friend to do the same is a great way to make sure it’ll be up to scratch. I used all the relevant experience I have and prepared ahead for the questions I thought they were likely to ask me at interview. Aidi School prides itself on excellence and provides great career opportunities for its foreign teachers so it’s not an opportunity to be missed!


Make a Budget

You may think this obvious but it is a common trap to fall prey to. Make a brainstorm of all the expenditures you’ll have such as food, housing, transport and even emergencies funds and make sure this can be adequately covered with your earnings. At Aidi International School, they go the extra mile for their foreign teachers by not only providing competitive salaries that match teachers’ salaries abroad, but also providing annual bonuses based on performance. It’s definitely worth considering a school like Aidi if you want to make your budgeting a little easier – it’s made mine easier!

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