TEDxFutureEd.com -- Seeking organizing committee members and speakers.

We are looking to organize global TEDxFutureEd events and we are looking for individuals that would be interested in being part of a global organizing committee.

If you are interested join the fan page and let me know your interest.

I have made a request for Steve to join and promote this project as part of The Future of Education Ning. LearningTown Ning has offered to promote us by setting up a subgroup Ning . Here is our LinkedIn TEDx FutureEd subgroup that is part of EDUIT's e3.0 group. e3.0 or education 3.0. eSingularity bring the moment in human history when e3.0 occurs.

I am looking to identify a TEDx committee that will work with me to contact TEDx organizers to host TEDx FutureEd events in their regions over the next 3 yrs. The goal is to have TEDx FutureEd UK, TEDx FutureEd USA, etc... a common theme for all events needs to be how do we bring eSingularity -- the moment education is free and accessible to everyone about. TEDxFutureEd will be a forum to change a cultural paradigm that thinks of education as a commodity to the paradigm that education is a natural right afforded to all and not just the privileged few.

Your thoughts?


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Definately interested! My name is Mervi Jansson and I am an enterpreneurship and social media coach working for InnoOmnia, a vocational entrepreneurship an innovation center in Espoo Finland. I am active in a Finnish educators social media network called sometu and I'm sure many people from the network would be interested in collaborating. What kind of a schedule are you planning and how many events?
wonderful here is the TEDxFutureEd Ning Ill make you an admin.
What kind of a schedule are you planning and how many events?

sorry just realized I didn't answer your Q. My idea is we target past regional TEDx groups to hold one. The event should be able the future of ed in their city, region and country. We should promote the eSingularity Prize for global education. And use clips from "We Are The People." as a focal point. We should get the Education Minister invited and other leading officials to talk.. this gets us the media.
ok, that sounds great, i will join the fan page. Thanks
HI Michael,

I joined your subgroup and will love to throw in a thought or two as needed - but as faciliator of the international project for the Future(s) of Education (www.futureofeducationproject.net) I am sceptical as to whether it is the current leaders who can answer these questions. I think our students and their parents, if we can set them free from what they "know" about education will have the creative ideas - and that then it is for the systems to figure out how they adapt.

As I wrote in another post - when schools in Scotland asked students to help design the next school they stalled the process when they designed drop in centers. There is a world of these examples. When New Zealand invested years in studying what was needed next they designed competencies: http://nzcurriculum.tki.org.nz/Curriculum-documents/The-New-Zealand...

When I visited the UN last year for Future(s) I came away thinking that very well meaning people were entrenched in reiventing the wheel.

I look forward to your thoughts,
I agree. "We Are The People" clips should be used in the event. I am now organizing the TEDxFutureEd Tokyo Event to happen around June. The idea is to also have leading corps as sponsors that are leading education nationally and globally. And to also invite key gov officials to talk about the Future of Education.

We could really have a great event that we could use to get a great discussion going. Please join the TEDxFutureEd.com

Love to have you as a leader in the event.
Michael are you aware of the Education Project in Bahrain? We could meet up there!
No im not link?
would love your help and support with the $50m eSingularity Prize for Global Education thoughts
thanks. What we need is a list of possible sponsors in Japan. And possible speakers we could invite... might be hard to find... but if you want to tackle it great! Mike
I'm interested! I teach math and technology at a charter school in Northern California. I'm a big TED fan and an advocate for changes in education that use technology, social networking and online learning. Previously I worked as a Software Engineer for nearly 20 years. I am currently exploring how Flash and interactivity can increase student engagement in new styles of curriculum and learning.


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