Hello everyone,

I also hope to join more events in the future. Every topic seems of great importance for all of us educators. As an online student and now an online facilitator, I have found that students especially adult learners enjoy learning new technology. Getting prepared for this 21rst Century is very important for students they want to be up to date with all the challenges that this century is bringing us. I teach Spanish, English as a Second Language, Spanish GED preparation courses both face to face and will start teaching them online as well.

I am currently running a site Generous Souls Network (GSN) which is my main social site mainly to motivate both our youth and older students that education is the best option for a better, brighter and happier future. Getting paid for what I love doing has been an unbelievable feeling.

Words alone cannot express the help that sites like this inspire in us. I truly ADMIRE all EDUCATORS because we care to prepare and enhance the lives of others.

I have also started an Online Institute to help my community with technology and language. I am honored to be among all of you who truly care about the welfare of others.

I look forward to meet many more of you. In this day and age networking seems to be the way to go to land jobs in this economy. I have helped others get into the teaching fields right from the comfort of my own home.

Online Teaching seems to be the thing of today. The bar has been raised and we need to prepare for it. I look forward to meeting more colleagues that will help me continue with my mission to empower others to choose education and help learn Spanish online.

Josie Davila

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