The Antwerp CALL 2014 conference on Research Challenges in CALL: Impressions and Threads

Session Title:

The Antwerp CALL 2014 conference on Research Challenges in CALL: Impressions and Threads

Presenter: Vance Stevens

EFL English Faculty

Higher Colleges of Technology / CERT / KBZAC

Khalifa Bin Zayed Air College, Al Ain, UAE


Area of the World from Which I Will Present: Belgium

Language of presentation: English

When?  Sat, July 12, 20:00pm – 20:30pm GMT

Where? Bb Collaborate / Elluminate

Target Audience(s): All interested in CALL: Computer- Assisted Language Learning,

(what I prefer to refer to as SMALL: Social Media Assisted Language Learning)


Short Session Description (one line):

The presentation reports impressions and dominant threads from a conference in Antwerp  July 7-9 2014 on Research Challenges in CALL


Full Session Description

July 7-9 2014 the presenter attended a conference entitled

ANTWERP CALL 2014: Research Challenges in CALL

This presentation conveys impressions of the conference and encapsulate the dominant threads and research agendas to emerge, primarily through the conference Twitter stream. A Flipboard was produced to capture the activity and vibe of the conference. This means of aggregating content from professional events and displaying that content via an aggregation tool can serve as a model for archive and delegate reflection on conferences.


Websites / URLs Associated with this Session:


The proposal requested a URL to Slides Showcasing my Presentation Skills:

I was an invited presenter at the RSCON4 conference Oct 13, 2013

From teacher networked learning to transformation in your classroom

Here are the 47 Slides from that presentation:

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Hi Vance, there is always something new to learn from you. Glad to see you among the presenters. :)

Whatever I learn from the conference in Antwerp I'll try and pass on in 20 min. Hope to see you there,


Glad to see you here, Vance. Whatever you will pass will be beneficial for us.


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