HOw much do you know about Chinese New Year? 2009 is the Year of Ox but what else do you know?
Yumei and I may help you with this if you are interested in it.
Happy NIU year to you! ( Got it??)

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Dear Yaodong,

First: 春节快乐 Happy Spring Festival !

I'm very happy to see you here with Yumei. It would be great to see how is Chinese New Year in each of our countries... so i send here a nice video i filmed for the last chinese new year in my region:

General Intellect: Brasilian batucada in a small french village during Chinese New Year

Find more videos on L'Ecole Hors les Murs - School Beyond The Walls
You can read here a post of my friend Judy from Wuhan about Chinese New Year in our China Girl (tribute to... David Bowie) Group...


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