Some special benefits foreign teachers can expect at Aidi.

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When deciding on a potential employer, one of the first things to look at is the compensation and benefits package. Obviously that is an important factor, but there are many more reasons that should influence a decision. Aidi has quite a lot to offer its foreign teachers outside of the obvious and expected, and the following should definitely be considered!


Working with the best and teaching the best.

       Aidi values excellence, so it’s no surprise that the teachers and students are definitely the best! Foreign teachers have a wonderful opportunity to work with some of the most intelligent, qualified, and friendly colleagues. Working with the best teachers means teachers are able to learn from each other’s methods and teaching styles.

Foreign teachers will also have the pleasure of working with and teaching some of smartest and most disciplined students. Teaching a class is always more enjoyable when the students are well-behaved, and Aidi’s students certainly are!


Sports, leisure, and recreational activities.

       Leisure and recreation time is something that is valued at Aidi, and foreign teachers will have access to various extracurricular activities such as sports and workshops. Teachers are also encouraged to take part in organized sporting events for the students. Teachers with a passion for certain sports are able to join the school teams and help coach the players. Foreign teachers have access to Aidi’s sporting and exercise facilities, and are welcome to use them at their leisure.


Festival fun.

       All of the Chinese festivals and holidays are recognized at Aidi, and foreign teachers are able to celebrate them. Events are held during the holidays, and foreign teachers are able to join in the festivities and participate in the celebrations. Aidi regularly organizes events during the holidays, and foreign teachers may help in the coordination, and join in the activities. Appropriately, rewards and bonuses are eligible to foreign teachers during festivals.


Training and credential earning programs.

       Excellence is an integral part of Aidi, so our foreign teachers are given access to all kinds of special training programs. Aidi wants its teachers to be the best they can be, and through courses and workshops offered through Aidi, foreign teachers can improve upon themselves and demonstrate their excellence!



The Aidi family.

       Aidi treats its teachers and employees as family, and makes every effort to help foreign teachers during special circumstances. Whether it is having a child, getting married, or the loss of a relative, Aidi makes sure that its foreign teachers are taken care of. Foreign teachers are eligible to receive a financial bonus from Aidi upon having a child, getting married, or experiencing the loss of a relative.


       Aidi’s foreign teachers can expect some of the best benefits available to foreign teachers in China. It is important for schools to take good care of their teachers, and Aidi has a proven track record of providing the most to its foreign employees!

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We are families both of Aidi School. I have spent two years in Teaching in Aidi School and it is very happy time! I enjoyed it and made many friends. I will continue teach in Aidi International School.  


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