As I mentioned in my introduction, I am going back to school shortly for a B.A. in Education/Minor in Media Studies. As you're all pretty connected to online learning for your students, I'm wondering if any of you have used PBS Teacherline? Several of their classes in Instructional Technology look *right* up the alley of people on this board. So I thought I'd check and see if any of you have taken classes in that stream, and if so, how relevant you found them to be against the backdrop of *actually* educating? Are they integrating 2.0 sensibilities into what's being taught, or are they just teaching using 2.0 interfaces?

If the classes aren't worth taking, or the interface that they use (which vaguely resembles Moodle, but doesn't seem to actually be Moodle) is a nuisance, then I'll be better going somewhere else (suggestions would be welcome.)

While my school doesn't give credits for Teacherline (mostly because they're not set up to), other schools do, and my school will transfer credits earned with them to my transcript. They also are about half the cost per credit over the class cost over at the school (their classes are currently being sold for $199 for a 2-credit class, while credits at my school are about $200 a credit hour). While I absolutely want the real world life experience, I think it might be well worth it to take a class a term this way.



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