The Future of Education interview series is sponsored by the KnowledgeWorks Foundation as part of its disciplined study of future forces affecting education. Its forthcoming 2020 Forecast: Creating the Future of Learning, illuminates how we are shifting toward a culture of creation in which each of us has the opportunity – and the responsibility – to craft this future together. KnowledgeWorks Foundation provides funding and leadership to promising and proven educational innovations throughout the nation. With a focus on transforming the national education landscape from a world of schooling to a world of learning, the foundation employs education experts and enlists innovative partners to equip our students to contribute to a global society hungry for talent and knowledge.

The series is also supported by Elluminate Inc., providing best-in-class solutions for real-time online learning and collaboration that deliver exceptional outcomes, including enhanced learning experiences, increased retention and completion rates, and higher ROI. Elluminate has served more than 300 million web-collaboration minutes to over 3 million teachers and students located in 185 different countries.

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I'm eager to listen to this series as it evolves. However, given time constraints, I realistically know I will be unlikely to listen to often unless I can easily time-shift and move the listening off my computer such as to my MP3 player I use in my car.

This series would make a great podcast. Have you considered maintaining an RSS feed that includes the audio files as an attachment? Then the series could be easily subscribed to in iTunes (or some other podcatcher).

From a suggestion you made to my similar comment regarding the new Classroom 2.0 live series and a blog post "Creating a Podcast Feed with Delicious" (http://eyeontech.luisperezonline.com/2008/08/19/creating-a-podcast-...) by a blind technologist, I have been able to create a podcast feed through delicious. Of course, it takes a little work and time to find the mp3's and tag them as they come out. That might be enough of a learning/effort curve to hinder some people benefiting from this great work who might otherwise. Is there a way to fairly easily do this within the RSS feeds created by the Ning. (It would be best if they did not require authentication to access them for ease of use.)

I'm suspect I'm not the only one who would benefit from this. I don't think the technical work required for this is very complex or time intensive, but if the time to do a couple of technical steps each time a new episode is released is the issue, I'm willing to help. If it can't be easily done using Ning tools, I suppose it could be little more knowing when the archives are updated and maintaining a delicious tag after there was a link to the RSS feed people could use to subscribe posted in the appropriate place.

Keep up the good work.
Great idea on the RSS feed. I'll do it... not today since I'm swamped, but soon!
Thanks. I already made my own feed (for now) using delicious so I could easily grab the Friedman and Tapscott interviews. Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to get the Elluminate recording as audio only that I could pull into iTunes in order to listen to the debate too.

Your feed will be great to have so anyone who wishes can just subscribe and get the archives automatically downloaded.
You are the man.

I didn't do the Elluminate as audio only since we got so little of the debate.


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