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April 26th 2017   Aidi International School  Aidi Best International School in Beijing

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The Aidi School Summer Charity Concert, “Walking with the Sun”, will take place at the   Beijing Poly Theatre, an art theatre of worldwide recognition, on June 12th 2017. Tickets are available now, and can be booked through scanning the QR Code below this article.


Walking with the Sun is a show demonstrating the talents and skills of all Aidi’s teachers and students. The theme of Walking with the Sun is allowing sunshine to illuminate the symphony of youth.

Walking with the Sun hopes to gather the feelings of love, inspire passion, and help musical dreams spread their wings.

Aidi Students’ Original Theme Song “Walking with the Sun” Has Been Released

Walking with the Sun is a Charity show demonstrating the talents and skills of all Aidi’s teachers and students. Proceeds from the sales of tickets will be donated to Beijing Dandelion School, a school for children of migrant works, who need out support for their music education. The theme of Walking with the Sun is allowing sunshine to illuminate the symphony of youth.

Symphony of World Music & Chinese Folk Music

There are no national boundaries when it comes to music and the melodies build a bridge connecting Chinese culture and Western culture. The concert is composed of two parts: the first part is music of the world, and the second half is Chinese folk music The idea behind the concept is “World People with A Chinese Heart”. Aidi students will present many classical works, including Ewha Chung, selections of Chinese culture quintessence; Auld Lang Syne, a world-known song which is wide spread, group dances Flexible Peacock, the Yellow River, as well as the lively folk songs Jasmine, Ditty of the Bamboo Flute, and Dragon Boat Melody. A combination of Western musical instruments such as a piano, harp, and cello, and Chinese national musical instruments like erhu, yueqin, guzheng, pipa, and clarinet, will all be played at the Poly Theatre.

The Bonds of Love with the Dandelion School for Children of Rural Migrant Workers

Every child has the right to have dreams, and growing these dreams is everyone’s concern. As a part of this charity program, the concert will help the children of Dandelion School, a school for children of rural migrant workers, to achieve their dreams of appearing on the stage of the Poly Theatre; the children will cooperate with Aidi students to sing the song - A Letter to My Future Self, which represents their wishes for their futures, the hope that they can be strong and brave throughout life, stick to their dreams, and not give up easily.

Tickets are available now, so make sure to book yours. All ticket sales and on-site charity funds will be donated to Dandelion School to support its musical education programs in order to help the children open their minds and realize their dreams. We warmly welcome everyone to the concert, and hope that the performances of Aidi School and Dandelion School fill your hearts with warmth and joy.


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