Hello all! 

First off, I'm excited to participate in this great network. I joined to learn more about the resources that teachers are using to flip their classroom.

I'm familiar with LearnZillion videos. From what I have seen, they have some high-quality videos from great teachers. One example I know: Victoria in VA just took this LearnZillion video on solving algebraic expressions by substitution and used eduCanon to embed her own questions into the video. Helped her realize whether her Ss watched the video and the concepts they struggled with. 


Curious to hear other use cases! 

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Hi Swaroop! Have you checked out bulb before? It's a tool for flipping your classroom and getting your students publishing online as well. You can make lessons out of videos, images and text, and organize them into groups based on subject or class. Super easy and the design is nice too.

A couple examples of students and teachers on bulb: 

Art teacher Daniel Ibanez: bulbapp.com/bon

PBS' page on science: bulbapp.com/ilikescience

Student Colleen Canty: bulbapp.com/thebean55

Bulb's homepage: hellobulb.com


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