We have been working with various tools to make thinking visible with our children. We use thinking routines, documentation, language of thinking, concept maps, thinking hats, and other tools with children 1 year old and older.

I wonder who else is working with visible thinking ideas.

What are you doing to foster thinking? Is it productive thinking? Is thinking being integrated to the curriculum? ... how?


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Ana Maria - these sound fantastic. If you are interested I think these are important for the world to see. If you agree and make short videos and put them up on YouTube, I'll post them on the Future(s) Project. this leads right into critical thinking and much of the world is interested in how to increase that. I was in Bahrain (small country in the Arab gulf) last year and that was key to their questioning.

This sounds fabulous. I used to teach by showing pictures, images to improve students visual thinking. www.tutorz.com is tutoring service through which i tutor students of variou grades. It well for me.


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