Web 2.0 for Education Outreach to Low-Income and Minority Students

I've been asked to help facilitate an event at the end of March with educational and government representatives on the topic of using the new technologies of the Web specifically to help low-income and minority students--and in particular to open greater opportunities for higher education to them. If all goes as we're planning right now, I'll be broadcasting the event live as a part of the interview series here and for anyone with an interest in this topic.

My job for that day will be to lay out the vision and possibilities for this angle on Web 2.0, as I've told them that I don't have any particular expertise directly here, but want to be a part of helping to bring the dialog forth.

I'm interested in what ideas you, dear network members, have on this topic, and if there is anyone you think I should particularly look to for thought leadership here. I'm also interested in involving some students in the discussion.

Thank you for any help.

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As you review, Julies' data, one of the top 10 is the frustrations of students is with firewalls and lack of access to sites. This is especially true of social networking sites usage within many schools. I am interested in relevant discussion about the future of 'control'. Today, social networking is very open to students (outside of schools), there is no oversight of opinions, language, or thought. As social networking moves into our schools, how should the issue of digital citizenship be managed? Imagine a student on a social networking site for schools, the student uses inappropriate language or exhibits inappropriate interactions with others in the network. What should happen? Should the site 'control' the student behavior by shutting them off OR is this a behavioral problem to be resolved within current AUPs at school?

Julie's Top 10 from Speak Up may be found within the Future of Education at http://www.futureofeducation.com/forum/topics/julie-evans-from-project
I would think that some degree of live interaction is critical. I guess mogulus and ustream are the biggest free players there. I think Goto Meeting has some free options or is $30 a month--which is super inexpensive if it has added functionality you need.
Have to plug Elluminate here--not just the free vRoom service (http://www.elluminate.com/vroom/register.go) but also the new LearnCentral.org platform which will provide free large Elluminate meetings as well. (Full disclosure--I am working for Elluminate on the social platform project). :)
Steve, I know I am coming to this late but I would like to get you to know Dr. Daphne in Connecticut and Matt Fok in SF, Ca.
This weekend they worked together to produce Vision Weekend 2010. Dr. Daphne is an inspirational speaker that is billed as the Queen of the Empowered Soul. She runs a blog radio station and Matt Fok is CEO of elearningzoom.com and EZ EXPO.
Daphne has decided to get me to produce her blog radio spot which has plenty of space for other people to do their own shows. Thanks to modern technology everyone can participate from anywhere in the world.
Having visited Keiser University (private for-profit) in Florida in July for my PhD residency, I discovered a college that really is bringing in the minority students into a variety of careers. Our class was on the 3rd floor and one day as I was going in I was surrounded by 4 girls that looked 18-20 and they asked if I was part of the PhD program and how it was. You see I go everywhere in a baseball cap so most of the time people are not afraid to approach me. Now these were all black and I am white. I was so pleased at the family atmosphere I felt with incredible diversity. My mission is Peace and I know that the more we can set an example in America of how everyone can get along the more we can change the world.


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