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Working toward a better more open education system with global perspectives and cultural understandings.
And trying through grass-roots / networks / and kids.
Hi. My name is Aidan McCanny. I live in N Ireland. I am currently working for our Education and Library Board responsible for the development and support of eLearning among the schools in our area. I have followed Steve in classroom2.0 and thus came across this network. I decided that I would be a little selfish and ask for some help! In a number of weeks, I have to give a presentation to 35/40 teachers for 1.5 hours on innovative uses of ICT in the classroom. I have already been involved in producing workshops for podcasting, wikis, blogs, voicethreads and so I am looking for something different. I am no Stephen Heppell, Ken Robinson, David Warlick or Stephen Fry, so I need to incorporate something interesting in terms of videos and other distractions - never mind an appropriate focus!

Any suggestions?
Hi Aidan,

Have you viewed any of the following videos? One or more may be appropriate for a gathering of educators.

Good luck and have fun. Let me know if you like any of the suggested videos. There are more in my favorites.

Richard Willoughby
I wonder if you might not want to talk to Connie Weber about her use of social networking in the classroom. She and others you would find at or might be good for that. The other technology that I find compelling is the use of videoconferencing (Skype, Elluminate, or others)--either between classrooms or to bring in an expert.
My name is maha from Egypt
try to work with geogebra , it's very good software to show for teachers how we can improviment the education using ICT in the class room
first you must make setup for java , and after that setup for geogebra , it will take just 15 min. from you and after that you will find many examples about maths & sciences and art , the sites
I hope that can help you

Maha Ahmed
Mathematics Expert
Close to retirement but continue to work for appropriate education for gifted kiddos. Not much has changed in the regular classroom over the last 25 years for kids who have mastered grade level content..
Hi I'm Liz Davis. I work as the Director of Academic Technology at Belmont Hill School, an independent school, grades 7-12 just outside of Boston MA. I am very interested in the future of education and the impact that technology can have on students and teachers. I'm excited to be part of any network created by you Steve!
Hello. My name is Carlos. Sorry in advance for my poor internet "english"!. I'm a spanish teacher doing a research about web 2.0 and education. I like projects like calssroom 2.0 and this one (Future of education).

As part of research, I try to think about educational uses of one (increasing) list of resources. Trying to do a special work with wordpress as learning system and to search help around I start (in "english"the project the Wordpress Edu Suite.
Also I work on the Wordpredia and other projects because I like Internet itself apart from its educational uses.
In this website, futureofeducation, I basically will learn from all of my international colleagues.
Geoff St. Pierre
I teach Mathematics and Computer Science. I have been learning, using and experimenting with wikis and blogs.

My math wiki text is here: Maths
My edmarking site is: edmarking

I am thinking about these questions from our new secretary of education and will come with a reply soon (I need time to process). My initial thoughts as a mathematics educator are that we need create a correlation in our students minds to things like facebook, youtube and the internet in general with mathematics. The creators of these things did not guess at how to make them; they knew a thing or two about mathematics, computer science and technology. And from this point implemented some wonderful technologies.

How do we make this clear to our students? Especially on a meaningful level.

thinking out loud;
Geoff St. Pierre
Ron Lombard - Chatham University Pittsburgh, PA - In my work with pre-service teachers I have come recognize the importance that WEB 2.0 and technology in general will have on providing for effective teaching for the 21st. century. Skill in the utilization of technology is now one of the basics that students must be exposed to - and the teachers entering the field of education must assume the responsibility of recognizing and applying these skills in the classroom. I feel it is my job to provide initial exposure to the pre-service teachers
I teach at SILSA, a small redesigned high school in Asheville, NC. We are part of the Gates Foundation-supported NC New Schools Project. Although I struggle to find time to participate in online professional communities, I am providing my students with more opportunities to do so. I am currently reading Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation Will Change the Way the... with an online book group. It has helped me better understand why my school-within-a-school struggles to create significant change for our students. It's an exciting time to be a teacher!
Hi all,
I am an elementary art teacher. I came into education later in life after working in advertising and photography. Currently I am currently teaching my students to quilt. As a personal project I am posting one picture a day on flickr


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