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Hello! I am at the North Carolina School for Science and Mathematics--I teach American Studies (integrated AmHist and AmLit) and do professional development for teachers at our school and, through our fantastic Distance Ed program, for teachers around the state on using technology in the classroom and in their lives. I'm a bit of a noob as far as tech--no certifications or anything, but I have a lot of enthusiasm and talk like a normal person--not that strange language that IT folk lapse into! :) I am really excited to be a part of this group!
Hi Michelle! I too am in North Carolina... but thanks to the oddities of distance education, I am teaching for the University of Oklahoma, so I kind of feel like I live in Timberlake NC and Norman OK simultaneously...! Anyway, my husband and I drive by your school every time we come into Durham on our pilgrimage to Whole Foods or CostCo or PetSmart (we're up due north of Durham near Roxboro). It's nice to see someone nearby here in the virtual world.

I'm a huge (HUGE HUGE HUGE) fan of Ning - thanks to the great community over at FiresideLearning (a Ning spin-off from Classroom2.0), and I'm using Nings for my online courses that I teach for Univ. of Oklahoma (Mythology-Folklore, World Literature and Epics of Ancient India - all the courses are here at, plus I have a Ning for my new Aesop's fables book for Latin students. I love Nings, I love blogging, I love wikis (my favorite wiki project right now is this Latin Lexicon project - a real international effort, all because of the power of wikis - wow!).

And here's why all that matters in terms of education: I know I do a better job helping my students in my role as an online teacher, and I am so excited about all the great things that can happen in the decentered and fast evolving online world! I'm glad Steve has created another space where teachers can meet up and share ideas in this nice online space. (THANK YOU, Steve!)

I can relate to your post! My degrees are English and Art History, but I love technology, so I use it avidly and try to encourage my fellow teachers to experiment. I just joined the group recently and have discovered some swell new stuff.
I'm Judi Repman. I'm on the faculty at Georgia Southern University, where I teach in an online graduate program-my particular area is school library media.

If you had asked me even 5 years ago whether or not I'd be teaching totally online in 2009 I'd have said "no way". The pace of change has been amazing to me and I'm interested to see where others think we're headed!
Hello all --
Thanks Steve for getting this endeavor off the ground!

My name is Daniel Christian, and I work as a Multimedia Specialist for Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI (USA). I work within the IT area, specifically within a Teaching & Learning Group. I wanted to contribute a page or two that might be valuable to this group:


What happens within the world of K-12 will profoundly influence those of us working in the world of higher education. I look forward to the discussions.

Daniel Christian
Hi. I am Joan Tracy. I am a librarian at a private high school in Concord, California. I had my web 2.0 ephiphany about 2 years ago, and have become fascinated and enthusiastic about these tools. I have always been concerned about education. I have come to believe that since there are no easy or one-size-fits-all answers to educational issues, the best and maybe only thing that will work is hopeful enthusiastic educators willing to make change. That is why I joined this Ning.
Thank you for the invitation. I said to myself, "Wow! I really do have a Personal Learning Network!" This is what learning and education is about: collaboration and support, one to another and to all and back, for the benefit of all.

I am Sheri Edwards, and I teach in a very rural area of north central Washington State; my students are mostly Native American. They thrive on technology --and although most fall under the category, "living in poverty," many have more technology at home than we have at school in the form of gameboys, Wii, Play Station, etc. Most do not have internet access, but find friends who do. This is the future, and I'm glad to be able to guide my students in small ways to active and responsible participation in the global network.

But don't you find schools to have inequitable distribution of technology, and that technology use is restricted? How will we move to equity in technology, and how will we teach to the new student: the ones who want to choose what they learn? It's what they do at home -- decide what game, what site, what social network, what information to search out and connect. Sitting in rows focused on the teacher's lesson for the whole class is not what students will accept anymore. Even in rural Washington.

I look forward to answering the questions provided for the new Secretary of Education. Thanks Steve and Carol, and Lucy Gray.

A Blog About My Journey
My Web Page and Class Start Page Wiki
A Class Wiki: What Else? could you think, write, research...
Hi, my name is Kim Cofino. I'm currently the 21st Century Literacy Specialist at the International School Bangkok in Thailand. This is my ninth year teaching overseas (I'm originally from the US). I spent my first five years at Munich International School in Germany, then two years in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at Mont'Kiara International School. Looking forward to connecting with you all here :) Thanks to Steve for starting yet another excellent Ning!
I am Yaodong from GXUT in China,followed a large of EFL students who come online to practise English and for cross-culture exchange activities.We have been connecting with teachers and students in Asia, Europe and North America. We have our own blogs on Yahoo!360 and on
Looking forward to meeting you and your students.
Zaijian / Ciao/ Bye
This will be so useful. I work in schools in the UK supporting the use of ICT in schools.

Over the next week I will be trying to start some dialogue on why

Technology has not made a bigger impact in many schools\

Here are 10 reasons I have come up with (as a starter)

1. The suggested technology is too difficult for many staff to fully grasp
2. There hasn’t been a large enough investment of time or money in CPD.
3. Headteachers and senior managers do not fully understand the central role that ICT has to play in developing teaching and learning
4. Schools are continually diverted by other things.
5. Technology is not perceived to be able to fulfil the needs of the school
6. A strategic overview has not been provided by Becta, Regional Broadband Consortium or the LA
7. Staff do not understand the ways the ICT can support personalised learning
8. Staff do not (or are unable to) incorporate ICT in to their schemes of work/learning and planning
9. External or internal technical support has not enabled staff to do what they want/hope/dream of doing
10. The ICT capability of students is not developed if tasks are superficial

I look forward to hearing from you

HI: Nadine Ball from St. Louis, Missouri, US. I'm a professor of teacher education interested in education for global sustainability and for the democratic purposes of schools in the US. This is my first introduction to social networking for professional interests and so far I am very excited by the countries, ideas, and resources represented!!

I wanted to share information about the National Network for Educational Renewal, and the newly launched Forum for Education and Democracy. The NNER represents several networks of schools, educators, journalists, policy makers and teachers with a passion for renewing the democratic purposes of schools.

Looking forward to learning more. Nadine
Your post encouraged me to start one where people could list other sites and resources that are important to this discussion.

I hope you'll add the two above to that discussion! :)


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