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Sir/dear professional friends,
Greetings from India.Im a College Librarian (4 yrs experience)presently employed in Kancheepuram,Tamilnadu.Im interested in choosing my career as a Library & Information Science teacher in India/abroad.I have written more than 11 research papers with various co-authors.The topics of my research interest are Information literacy and higher education.
Dear All:
Nadia Ahouari-Idri is a lecturer at university level, specialised in educational psychology and EFL and doing research on affective factors, applied linguistics, learner autonomy and LMD students. She has been teaching at university since 2004. Nadia masters four languages and translates in three of them (English-French-Arabic). She has got a publication of a translated literary article in two web-sites and in a book published in Europe in the flow of May, 2004.Another article is published in the ERIC database in May 2009. She participated in an international conference in 2005. She is a member of the US Alumni Association, to the Auto-L list of autonomy,AILA, Exchanges Connect. She created this network. She has many responsibilities in the Department of English in Béjaia University.

I am a public policy analyst specializing in Constitutional Studies and Education at the Evergreen Freedom Foundation in Olympia, WA. We're a non-profit, public policy think tank and grassroots organization.

We believe every child learns differently and that it's time to update public education by expanding the menu of learning options to meet unique student needs.

I'm currently heading up a project on Washington's public online learning options. (More information will be available in April on our soon-to-be-launched website, Our goal is to gather public online learning families into a coalition that has a voice when it comes to policy changes affecting online learning options. I'll be building the coalition, researching what options are available in Washington, and looking into how other states and countries are leveraging technology to meet unique student needs. A major component of the project will be telling stories of innovation and success -- from students, parents, and providers, etc.The project gets more and more interesting the deeper I go.

I look forward to networking with and learning from other forward-thinking education experts.
Greetings Diana Cieslak . My name is jack Strelec and I teach at an alternative school in Colorado Springs. I am looking for teachers like you that are interested in using technology to reach out to the world with my students. Please visit me at and we will see if we can wwork on a project together.
Jack Strelec
Hi. I'm Liana Gooch and I am working in an Australian school in the role of Academic Enhancement Coordinator. I oversee the introduction, implementation and development of programs and initiatives which optimise the academic performance of all students. I am very keen to discover and discuss ideas related to optimising learning.
hello Liana Gooch. I am an Alternative education teacher in Colorado Springs, USA. I teach Social STudies and technology. I am looking for teachers around the world that are interested in collaborating with me on projects. Please visit my site
Hello Mr. Mahmood. What country are you from? I am a teacher in Colorado Springs, USA. Your project sounds interesting?
jack STrelec
My name is Luqman Michel. I ma 58 years old and retired. I have been teaching dyslexic children for more than 5 years. All my students speak and read in 2 or more languages. They have no problem reading in the Malay language and in romanized Mandarin (Both languages use the same alphabets as the English language). This prompted me to ask as to why these children can read fluently in Malay and romanized Mandarin and yet have a problem reading in English. I would like to post articles on my findings if it is ok to do so in this site. If I do not hear anything to the contrary I shall start posting my articles from next week. Thank you and kind regards, Luqman Michel

Greetings. My name is jack Strelec. I am a High School teacher at Tesla EOC Alternative School in Colorado Springs. We are part of School District 11 here. I am using the NING sites to meet teachers and students from around the world to collaborate on projects that affect the world. My NING site is I hope you wil visit my site and join a conversation. Jack Strelec

Hi, my name is Sharon.
I am currently in my first year at university studying primary education.
I believe ICT has transformed teaching and learning in schools and I would love to hear from people who are already in the teaching industry.
Hi, my name is Sharon.
I am currently in my first year at university studying primary education.
I believe ICT has transformed teaching and learning and I would love to hear from people already in this industry.
Hi im working as private tutor and thrive more to teach students and make them understand concepts. I would rather say my hobby, job, passion would be teaching, teaching, teaching.....


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