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I'm pretty new to Web 2.0 and to all the possibilities it presents for student learning. This year I'm involved in an E2T2 class that I love, but every time I leave an all day session my head is bursting. There's so much to learn. I'm concerned that many teachers don't have the time or the patience to explore the possibilities and are afraid that students will sense their discomfort. Just keeping up with the few Nings and blogs that I'm trying to follow can be overwhelming.

I'm sure I'll enjoy reading more of the discussions here.
Hi - I am a youth Vision Coach and I am currently working with a program called TEL.A.VISION. Our vision is to inspire and encourage youth to identify and express their unique gifts in service of a better world for all.

I help youth turn their dreams into reality through the creation of a personal TEL.A.VISION vision video via a powerful combination of words, imagery and music. The TEL•A•VISION website - - provides students and teachers with on-line tools and curriculum that enable students to develop a three-minute vision video which becomes a compelling, multi-sensory ‘guided tour’ through their own desired future.

Reviewing the video regularly assists the student in making daily choices that align with their short and long-term life goals. TEL•A•VISION recommends daily review and periodic revisions, as goals are achieved and/or priorities shift.

I have been fortunate to share this with over a thousand students in the past few months. I'd love people to take a look, create your vision video and let me know what you think.

Here's another video that I've found very useful...

Jason (EducationDynamics)
Hi, my name is Kevin Carter. I am a guidance counselor at a Massachusetts. high school. For many years I taught computer skills to middle school students. Although unable to keep up with the fast changes in technology, I am fascinated to see the capabilities of the web 2.0 tools. Through Classroom 2.0 and The Future of Education (both thanks to the dedication and hard work of Steve Hargadon), I am trying to at least keep up with some of the newer possibilities.
Peter Holtz from Ipswich north of Boston. I love discussing the big ideas, and that's why I'm hear. Nings are new to me, though I've joined a few in the last week. It's an interesting way to be a participant rather than merely a consumer of educhat.
Greetings. My background is in elementary education, having taught grades 2-5. A love for technology-facilitated constructivist/constructionist learning environments let me to a PhD. in instructional technologies and elementary education. I have taught in higher education for 6 years now and do some consulting for the local school districts here on the side. Education is all about the preparing individuals for life beyond of the classroom - the future (while understanding the past and successfully navigating the present), so this is an interesting ning to be a part of.
I am retired from public education but continue to advocate for reform and change.I live in the West Kootenay's of British Columbia and see,and have seen for many years ,the demise of the rural life style due to its dependency on the "form , function, and practice" of the Industrial Age.
I have recently written and published a book with the American Association of School Administrator's called the Gated Society .It argues that the we cannot continue to try and transform an education system steeped in the past.We have already wasted too much time on this delusional folly.I believe that we need to transcend the existing k to 12 structure with integrated learning systems that help communities create the "form ,function and practice" needed to " thrive and survive" economically,socially and politically amidst the rapid and evolving realities that are threatening our future.I believe that this type of change is critical to our personal and organizational well being and that the opportunity to create this type of change is time limited.
Hi, Everyone.
I am a full time student studying distance aducation at the University of Technology, Sydney(UTS). I have been working in the field of education for 12 years and looking forward to understand innovative ideas and practice.
I wish to share my knowledge and experience with you ann and wish to build a concrete understanding of ideas which can be used in my profession in future.
Thank you,
Hi, all. My name is Stephanie, I live in Somerville, MA, and I'm in the middle of a career change, of sorts. Unlike most of you, I am not an educator. Yet. For the last 12 years, I've been working as a professional web designer, doing development, graphics, programming, and many other things. I've almost entirely worked in marketing and a wee bit in health (Georgia Division of Public Health, the CDC, Glaxo-Wellcome).

I'm also kinda sick of selling things. So come this summer, I am starting on a BA in Education at Lesley University, with a minor in Media Studies, with a goal of taking a decade of web running, and all the skills developed there, and turning it towards developing educational tools for the 'digital natives'. I'm not a digital native myself, but I got my first computer when I was 10, and taught myself to program over a Christmas break when we were pretty much snowed in. So though I'm still in my 30s, I've been programming computers for almost 30 years, having started when I was in grade school. I'm hoping that might give me some kinship while developing for the new batch of kids.

My nephew is 6.He hates the tiny bits of homework they're giving him already, naturally. Last year, when he was 5, I went to visit, and was showing him a Pokemon wiki. He was reading it, and suddenly declared, "That's wrong!", and I explained to him, "Well, we can fix it, then!". I spent an hour with him, talking him through finding something that showed he was right, editing the page (I typed), and showing him how to cite something so people would know it was right. He took to it like a duck to water, and was totally thrilled to know that he had added something to the internet - that it wasn't just something you read passively.

That got me thinking about how he hates homework, but *loved* doing research when it was something really relevant to what he's passionate about. I started to develop a few other things, that take the stuff people are doing right now for fun (geocaching, ARGs, CCGs, room escape games, etc), that would have a more educational bent, while not turning them into "educational materials". Parts of it are surprisingly easy, and some parts I'm bashing my head on!

Anyway, that's where I'm at right now. I'm don't have a lot to say on educational aspects, yet, but I do have a lot of technical expertise, and hope to offer it while learning the other side.
Hi,I'm Alex Yu,come from China,beijing , a graduate student majored in Educational Technology, Co-founder of Focusing on social learn technology,elearning
blog: chinese
Alex, last time I was in China (with my family), about a year ago, we couldn't even view our family travel blog or share it with some Kiwi educators we met in Xi'an, much less post to it. Has that situation improved?
Hi all! I teach...well...a lot o' stuff at Christian Academy of Guatemala in San Cristobal, Guatemala. I have a Master's of Ed. degree, but the tech portion of my education is more of a developing hobby (ok...obsession) with me! I have somehow ended up taking it upon myself to update and keep on their toes the staff/faculty at my school. This is probably some sort of disease acquired following continued brainwashing from my software-developing, open source-advocating husband! However it happened...I want to know more more more and connect with others who feel the same!! I am so interested in what is happening with the future of ed and tech around the world and so thankful for this network!!! Yay!!!


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