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Greetings. My firm has developed software simplifying community publishing and media managment. Our platforms enable online, interactive, converged media publishing of school newspapers and yearbooks.

I'll be at the Columbia Student Press Association this Thursday in NYC, and would be glad to meet with any members there. I'd like to get your input and feedback on our tools and functionality.

I can be reached via Twitter @stmhoward.

Hi, I'm Anne Collier, editor of a 10-year-old news-site-cum-blog called Peggy Sheehy tweeted about this site and, because I'm very interested in the future of education and feel that social technology and media are key to school's relevancy for young people going forward, here I am. I also believe that social media literacy and digital citizenship are key to closing the "participation gap," as MIT's Henry Jenkins puts it. Would love to talk with people here about that anytime. I also co-direct, a forum for all social Web participants about safety as defined and practiced in social media. I'm always reachable via anne(at)
Hi ! I'm Enrique from the Philippines. Currently , I am finishing my Master of Education in Adult Education at University of Technology, Sydney this autumn 2009. I am an educator by profession, leader by conviction and entrepreneur by passion. My 20 years professional experience in education inspire me to go further in the journey of learning. I am certain enough that my membership in this network would usher learning enhancement.
Glad to be a member of this group. My name is Jim Greenberg and I am the Director of the Teaching, Learning and Technology Center at SUNY College at Oneonta. I am in my 30th year supporting technology use in teaching and learning at SUNY Oneonta and continue to be amazed at how useful forums like this are. I hope I can help as much as I am helped. Looking forward to being better connected to the members here.
Hello. My name is Kelly Starr and I have been an educator for the past 28 years in public schools and now in the corporate world. I am very interested in looking at social networking from a perspective of supporting teacher professional development and how the concept of social networking can provide that just in time access that teachers need. I am excited about the new learning I have in front of me.
Hi! My name is Brian Lee and I manage an online community for educators in Ohio. I have been an educator for 20 years and have a deep interest in educational technology. Looking forward to the ideas and discussions shared here!
I have been a classroom teacher for
6-12 grades and worked in private,
public and charter schools. I now work at Big Picture
Learning where I am doing communications word and
investigating the use of the networked world
to create change in our educational system.
I can imagine leveraging the voices of students,
families and educators to force change and
disruptively innovate towards the future of learning.
I'm a retired teacher and education research-and-development worker. My wife and I live near Cambridge (the UK one). We are parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. I still want to help education find it's best possible future. I do what I can at - addressed mainly to people now doing the work that I used to do. But it's not just learning for 'off-to-work-we-go', it's learning for life.
Hi all,
I've spent most of the past 34 years working in US public schools as a teacher, administrator, system irritant. I now have two interests, both of which feel like the most important contributions I can make to creating the systems for teaching and learning that every young person who walks through the door deserves and which a thriving democracy requires:

1. I'm associate director of the Center for Courage & Renewal, founded by Parker J. Palmer ( and dedicated to nurture personal and professional integrity and the courage to act on it in personal and professional life. Over the past decade, 25,000 folks, mostly K-12 teachers have participated in our Courage to Teach and Courage to Lead programs.

2. I'm a co-founder of Sound Discipline ( --website launched any day now!) helping to grow equity and democracy: one child, one family, one classroom at a time. How adults react when young people misbehave IS the missing piece of school and community improvement and it's time we aligned social emotional learning with disciplinary systems and practices that embody dignity and respect!

I look forward to discussion!
Greetings ..

I'm from Minneapolis MN and am Director of Information Support Services at The Blake School - PK-12 independent school. I'm am very interested in the media landscape and how to connect with our students in ways that they connect outside of school.

I was able to join Erin Reilly's presentation this evening on the Future of education. If you were not able to participate, viewing the presentation (link posted on the website) is worth your time. Her comments on the challenges of a participatory culture is an area that I'd like to explore.

Looking forward to our future conversations!

Congatulations on the Forum and to creators of the Education 2020 report -- I'm finding many stimulating ideas.

Openworld has been working in poor areas of the world to spread innovations such as microvouchers -- redeemable at Internet centers, or Paypal or cell phone credits -- to help market-sensitive learning network gain market share.

We also are gearing up to provide small "Seeds of Change" rewards for students who upload YouTube clips on local progress of informal peer learning networks, especially on understanding opportunities useful in the Internet economy.

A cornerstone of our approach is to help entrepreneurial schools more rapidly move to sustainabililty. The site explores a range of ways to do so, including attraction of digital donations, conveyance of land grants, "pay-it-forward human capital investments," and adaptation of Cristo Rey-style internship programs to help fund tuition costs.

Where will it lead? Ultimately, we hope, to replacing the current system of bureaucracy-burdened education with one that welcomes students as co-creators of new media resources and (with their families and friends) as co-owners of profitable new learning ventures, including for-profit virtual charter schools.

Look forward to the conversations!


Mark Frazier
Openworld, Inc.
"Awakening assets for good" and
@openworld (Twitter)

I'm Molly from Oakland, CA. In my professional life I am an energy and green building consultant, but education and alternative schooling are lifelong passions. I attended a magnet school for the gifted and talented starting in kindergarten, a democratic school based on the Sudbury model from age 8 to 13, transitioned to a traditional public high school, then became a member of the inaugural class of Olin College in 2001 ( My experiences with various forms of experimental schooling have left me with many ideas and opinions about what learning should look like in a healthy democracy. I definitely fall into the "chuck the lot and start over" camp when it comes to traditional educational models.

I came to this community through the 2020 Forecast on Learning, because I miss discussing and working on learning programs and because I'm curious what people are thinking about schools these days. I am particularly interested in incorporating sustainability education into the core curriculum for all ages, in a way that keeps pace with rapid changes in technology and society.

I am a firm believer in the importance of student perspectives and full stakeholder engagement, and so I pose a question to the community: I see many educators on this forum, but where are the students? If you want to design tools for digital natives, you'd better ask the natives to participate!


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