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Hello all, my name is Waymon Huggins and I am the Technology Coordinator at Thirteenth Avenue School located in Newark, New Jersey.  We are a Pre-K through 8 school serving nearly 650 students.  The majority of our students are African American and Latino who were born technically literate. 


I am looking to gain strategies and techniques from this group to improve academic achievement levels of all students.  I need to match their technical wizardry with concrete thinking and problem solving skills.  I’m sure many of you face a similar dilemma.


Looking forward to sharing and growing.


My name is Prakash Dheeriya and I am a father to 2 young boys, ages 7 & 8, and an author of children's books "Finance for Kidz". In my day job, I am a professor of finance wth over 25 years' of teaching experience. I thought I would use my teaching skills and experiences to write books for children that explain complicated financial concepts through children's stories. I know we can teach these concepts (which, traditionally, are discussed in college level course-e.g inflation, deflation, risk & return, identity theft etc) to our elementary age school children if we couch these concepts in their daily experiences and in the form of chidlren's stories.


I believe in teaching them early on so that we don't have a repeat of the financial mess we are in..If we can teach our children to look both sides while crossing a street, or to not run with scissors, etc, then we should be able to teach them key financial principles that they can carry all their lives. Why not teach them how to be financially healthy, in addition to being physically healthy?


I look forward to interacting you.


PS: I met Steve Hargadon at a recent CUE conference and have followed him since.

Hi i'm private tutor and mom of two great kids. helps me to find students to tutor them. It is great tutoring service which made my job easy.
Is anyone working as private tutors here?
Hi I'm Mona.  I am a teacher who is passionately interested in  politics.  So much of what happens in the classroom is as a result of government policies that I am somewhat surprised that I have not found more people commenting or debating on the influence of politics in education.


Part of the reason teachers do not get too involved in politics is because most kids attend public school which is locally controlled. It is very possible that any teacher publishing an opinion that was contrary to the status quo would suffer repercussions.

Love & Peace, Deborah 

Hello All,

My name is Rajan Chandi and I am co-founder and programmer at, a social venture designed to make education available to everyone in the world at low or no cost.

How do we aim to do this?

We are building an lesson library using open educational resources, which currently hosts 8000+ flipped lessons consisting of videos and flash cards. Anyone can contribute to and learn lessons for free. We are also collaboratively dividing these videos into flash cards to make it easy-to-learn by everyone. If you're teacher looking to flip your classroom, feel free to try out Qlazzy and let us know what we can do to help you and improve our product.



Beleza Ostrava o.s. organizes educational and sports activities for Roma youths of all ages, primarily in the city of Ostrava, Czech Republic.  Initially, we intend to use "distance learning" to improve the Czech and English composition skills of our secondary school / university students through "Internet editing" tasks.


We welcome you to visit our websites:





hi, art educator in Shanghai, China. (originally from the UK)

Interested in management in education, creativity, and making wonderful positive academic schools.

Hi, I am back. Steve & I have known each other on the net for several years. I have a mission to establish Peace on Earth by 2027. The formula = Entertainment + Education + Prosperity = Peace

There are 10 obstacles to Peace on Earth: #1 eliminate domestic violence, #2 proper water & sanitation, #3 universal secular education (affordable)

Thanks to recent developments at Google, I am now pretty sure I can develop an interactive online world where key people as well as countries & schools can win points for moving toward peace and away from negative, anti-social behavior.


Washington, DC

Hey Guys,

My name is Mike Randall and I live in Illinois, United States. I joined this community for a unique purpose, and because I have a huge passion to help influence the future of the current educational paradigm. Now, I don't mean specifically the education system. My belief is that the true, long-lasting change that everyone seems to desire to see in the current educational paradigm starts at the very grassroots of the next generation - with today's parents, kids, and parents-to-be.

I'm in the process of designing a program that will support my cause to help influence a better-educated America, and ultimately a better World. I'm looking to gain constructive feedback from many of you that I haven't had the privilege of meeting yet. My goal is to learn about and gain a better understanding from this community, and also learn about the changes that the members herein expect to see in the years to come.

Have a blessed day,


Mike's Blog

I like where you are going with your blog & thoughts.

Love & Peace, Deborah


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