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Hello, my name is Apryll Williams. I am a parent and entrepreneur located in south carolina. This is my first time I found this social network by browsing for information. I am trying to research and find ways to connect the low income children in middle school to the clusters of our state to prepare them for the workforce. Did my statement make sense.
I am new to this and I am researching ideas to connect the low income high at risk children in middle school to the 16 clusters of our state to prepare them for the workforce.
Hi All,
I have been an EFL/ESP instructor at the Language Center of Kuwait Univeristy since 2001. I am also a Webhead in action since the community of practice (network(s) now) was founded in 2002. I am especially interested in online collaborative cross-cultural projects between EFL/ESL classes worldwide. This kind of projects help EFL learners to improve their English skills through authentic conversations with authentic audiences, build confidence, and promote world peace in these classes.

I'm glad to be here with all of you to share and learn, together.....
It is not something of the past, rather it is something of the here and now, so don't panic ...I am still using the board, the chalk and the textbook to make my message across. Every day I see the balloon of e-learning growing nonstop and moving over the clouds far away from my real classroom situation. Honestly I am not against e-learning or rather i couldn't practically stand against it as long as it exerts its attraction on me and I have to yield. May be there will come a time I could digest all these foamy technology and keep abreast of something that already passed by.
Like yourselves, I am an advocate of project base learning, eLearning, technology-based teaching methods and preparing students for the 21st century, i.e., digital-age literacy, effective communication and inventive thinking, work ethic, collaboration, social responsibility, critical thinking and problem-solving. Teaching our students to be imaginative and original, entrepreneurs, designers, inventors are also 21st century skills--- integrate the 21st Century Skills into the existing lessons, into the academic standards, into the curriculum instruction, and into the assessment systems of our schools. My students and I are adapting the Web 2.0 tools.

As an information technologist, I teach the integration of information technology in the New York City Department of Education. I am also a network administrator and taught PreK-College. My goals are to initiate, coach, cultivate, educate, advocate and facilitate digital technology.

Currently I am a member of the Thirteen/WNET New York Educational Services Advisory Committee (ESAC) and the NYC Teacher Network.

My new motto is “…be creative, innovate, take risks, and unlearn to learn.”
Hi everyone, I'm a European expert on Lifelong Learning, mainly engaged with work on making post-school education more accessible through the Recognition of Prior Learning [RPL], which people based in North America might recognise as Prior Learning and Recognition [PLAR].

I have a long time interest in the use of eLearning and am interested in the ways in which older people can use this more effectively to widen their virtual horizons and interactions as their physical ones become limited.

I live in Chichester on the south coast of the UK and am working on a better work/life balance!

My name is Michael Kaufman. I am one of four founders of a small consulting firm called InnovationLabs ( Over the last 25 years I have had the opportunity to work with 'clients' at just about every level of public schooling including colleges and universities.

I have many opinions and what I believe are a number of insights that have the possibility of adding value to the dialog about what, if anything, we might do for the current system of schooling - and what we might consider designing/creating for a system of education in a networked world.

One of those insights is what I believe to be a fundamental error each of us make. We confuse schooling with education and often use those words interchangeably - when in fact they are fundamentally different words with extremely different meanings.

This distinction is not semantics and something that, I believe, could take us out of a number of conversations that quite often end in loggerheads and/or significant emotions.

If we understand that we have a public school system and that schools and schooling are not, and quite possibly can never be, education then we can have a little more clarity about what we might do.

I look forward to further dialog.
Hi I'm Terese Bird and I work for the Beyond Distance Research Alliance at University of Leciester, UK. We do research into learning innovation and technology and think/discuss/work quit a bit about learning futures. One project I'm working on now is the DUCKLING project (Delivering University Curricula: Knowledge, Learning, and INnovation Gains). In this project, we evaluate the impact of three innovations on the learning of distance postgrad students -- the innovations are the use of e-Readers, various kinds of podcasts, and Second Life. I'd welcome information sharing on any of those but not only. I would really like to learn what other people think about the future of education.

Oh, sorry for the shameless plug, but I just posted my first YouTube movie; it's about the DUCKLING project and it's right here:
Hello. I am an experiment in progress. I love swimming in the ocean of ideas people share in the infosphere. It dawned on me that dilettantism is a very sweet ride.I have been an English teacher for twelve years now. I have a bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages and a Master’s degree in Literature. I am a certified online course developer. I'm also a freelance learning technology consultant, writer and teacher trainer.

Hi, I am part of the Jirafa World team working on creating an online adventure Math game for kids in K - 3. I just came across this network by browsing around on the web. We have posted some pictures and a video on our game on our facebook page and a blog on
Soon to retire but not ready to hang up my hat entirely. Interested in staying connected to educators who see the change coming to education. I've been a k12 teacher librarian, elementary school teacher and information technology mentor. Love the connections I've been able to make globally through online communities like twitter and nings.

I'm from the Aveiro - University - Portugal and i am teaching in Technologies in Education. We have a community starting in


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