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HI, My name is Dianna Rucker and I live in Eastern Iowa, USA. I am the reading specialist for my school district for grades 5-12. I teach large group 7 and 8th grade reading classes as well as a Second Chance Reading class at the high school for grades 9-12. I also work with small groups of struggling readers at the Middle School in grades 5-8. I am looking for ways to incorporate technology into my classrooms. I would really like to do some videoconferencing on Skype about books kids are reading with other classes. Is anyone interested? My school address is:
Hello. My 16 year old daughter is applying to a Big Picture High School. She attended a Montessori school through grade 6 and learned that public school is not for her. I am a retired court stenographer with for the State. I am looking for any input anyone has to offer about Big Picture Learning. Thanks
Hello Kathleen:

BPL schools support the education and empowerment of youth, "One Student at a Time".
Personalized learning, small school community and a relentless commitment to our students' success provide youth the opportunities they need to unlock their potential.

Loriana De Crescenzo
Director of Development and Communications
The Met Center
Hello, My name is Robin Ruiz, Today I attended a Lunch and Learn with the president of USF Judy Gensheft. I am very excited to be an educator in the 21st Century Global and Mobile Education. I will graduate with a master's in Education leadership on December 14 in Lakeland from USF polytech. I would like some advice as to what area I should get my doctorate in. I am a strong advocate of a change in education.(global and mobile) I want all my students to have I Pods with there books downloaded to them, that is the beginning. I am interested in creating an education research center.
I recieved a degree from Reinhardt College and opened up several cooperate preschools, I recieved a BA from the college of education with a concentration in Learning Disabilities at USF. I am a mother of 4 of which three are also in college and the baby is in High School. And Yes I am a BIG Soccer mother, the boys have been very involved at the state and national level.
I am Mukesh Bairwa, teaching in Choithram International, Indore, India. I am teaching MYP Computer Technology and A-Level Computing. I am working on the post of Cambridge International Examination Officer and Centre Coordinator.
Hello Mukesh, what is MYP ?
International Baccalaureate (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP)
Technology has changed the way students think, live, and learn in significant ways. Knowledge is increasing at an exponential rate and society is not the same as it was twenty years ago. I feel that education must change in a drastic way, and I want to network with those who are interested in being on the cutting edge of educational innovation. My name is Michelle and I am currently working on my Masters in Teaching, homeschooling my children, and looking towards returning to the classroom in the future.
Hello. My name is Mark Harper. I serve in a senior administrative role in a district school board in Ontario, Canada. I am interested in exploring with others, ways to more fully engage all students in learning. I am interested in articulating a clear vision for learning that more effectively integrates technology to better engage students, enhance instructional effectiveness and strengthen public education so that all students’ learning needs are more fully addressed.

I am also interested in identifying and implementing some strategic, intermediary actions that will support the achievement of that vision in a timely fashion. I envision these actions as involving the integration of innovation to reinforce effective learning in a manner that is focused, manageable, builds on existing strengths, and supports "rich," deep learning.

I am interested in strategic, intermediary actions that will promote this vision across a system, district, or region so that all students benefit and not just those who are fortunate enough to be situated in a particular classroom.

I am interested in a systemic approach to better engage students because I am mindful of Michael Fullan's assertion that the problem is not the absence of innovation in schools, but rather the presence of too many disconnected, episodic, fragmented, superficially adorned projects.
Let me know if you've implemented any systemic approach that works well. I'm interested in anything that works across a broad spectrum.
Hi Michelle,

Thank you for your note.

I have been involved in implementing a number of initiatives and projects across educational systems with varying success.

As I am sure you are aware there are a number of considerations and factors to account for in successfully implementing change.

Several educational commentators, with much more insight and experience than I, have provided frameworks and guidelines for systemic change that I think are helpful. One example that I have referenced in assessing some of the actions we've more recently undertaken in my jurisdiction to implement change includes "Breakthrough" by Michael Fullan, Peter Hill and Carmel Crevola. I think that Fullan, Hill and Crevola's work highlights many components that are important in implementing, sustaining and embedding change, systemically. There is other helpful work in this area that I am familiar with as well, but I have found the work in Breakthrough to be thoughtful, understandable, ambitious and relevant to my context.

Currently, I am working with a relatively small network of educators and community members who are exploring and trying to articulate a clearer vision of a "21st century classroom/learning environment."

We are hoping to clarify and be able to describe a picture of what this would look like, pragmatically, based on input from a variety of perspectives and also identify some key strategic actions that might assist in achieving such a vision.

At this stage we are sharing and inviting contributions about what a student might typically experience and how a teacher might typically behave/instruct/facilitate learning as part of their regular routine.

This includes considering the use of some "technological tools," organizational structures, guiding principles and other factors, to enhance and, hopefully, transform learning. The overall goal of this effort is to better build the capacity of all students to succeed and be happy in the "21st century" as well as contribute to a healthier, "just" and resilient community.
Salve, felice di far parte della cummunity, spero di poter condividere con voi tutti i miei dubbi e tutta la mia esigua conoscenza;-)


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