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We operate a management company helping schools utilize open source technologies to improve school operations and academic achievement. We have recently completed a project to establish a high school in the Panama City, FL area that is operated in a 100% open source environment with full integration for non opensource applications like NWEA and other state reporting tools. Additionally, this is a 1:1 learning environment primarily utilizing a LMS with the teachers in a coach / mentor role. Probably one of the best examples of Clayton Christensen's model that he describes in his book 'Disrupting Class'. A second high school will be operating this Fall in the Tampa area. Other key differentiators for this school is a project based approach and a work study program for the students.
Wahoo! Love it. Are you in http::// yet?
Hi there I'm the lead teacher in an online high school located in Denver, CO. For the past 20 years I've been involved in a variety of reform movements in my school district with little or no impact on the infrastructure or bureaucracy. The system tends to fight back with more of the same and now with NCLB and the emphasis on testing, we continue to limit opportunities through standardization. However, I believe that online education is the unknown factor that will either strengthen the current standardization movement, or will provide a personalized system of education that better serves the needs of a majority of families and students.

Another thing that concerns me is how we promote excuses and opportunities to push unwanted students out of our schools because of school accountability measures, and teacher merit pay systems. What are your thoughts about this issue where you come from?
Hello Mike,

I´m interested in finding teachers, such as yourself, to collaborate with regarding online language programs (i.e., distance learning courses). I´m particularly interested in the following:

1. Hours per week teachers work (on and off-line)
2. Hours per week for students (on and off-line)
3. How the four skills, grammar, vocabulary, phonetics, etc. are assessed
4. How teachers are assessed
5. Web 2.0 tools that are used

Even if your subjects aren't world languages, perhaps you have related information that might be of some help. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
I work for the New York City Dept of Educ. and am in charge of instructional technology for the special education division for the city. I'm constantly looking for cutting edge tools to support instruction. It's nice to see a community of informed educators sharing information.
I'm trying to bring as much technology to my classroom as I can, both for my "regular" students and my "gifted" ones. I've experimented with blogs and wikis, and am trying video podcasting this semester. I'm hoping to pick up ideas from everyone.

Be sure to look up Nancy Bosch on Classroom 2.0. She's a wealth of information for using Web 2.0 for "gifted" students.
Hi! My name is Colleen Girten and I work at KnowledgeWorks Foundation, managing web strategy and websites for the foundation. I've worked closely with internal teams on the 2006 Education Map we produced, and we are releasing our new 2020 Forecast in March. I'm looking forward to learning how we can use different kinds of technology and social media in education.
Hello! My name is Jesse Moyer and I work for KnowledgeWorks Foundation in Cincinnati, OH. I am assisting in creating our 2020 Forecast: Creating the Future of Learning. I look forward to exploring this community more in depth and learning more about the future of education.
Hi, Jesse! Can't wait to see the end result. :)
Hey everyone, my name is Barbara Powell. I teach computer and creative writing classes, and I am the Technology Integrator for middle school at Christ Presbyterian Academy in Nashville, TN. I also direct our middle school literary magazine and teach students layout and design. Teaching is somewhat new to me. I have worked in advertising, at an art museum, and at a film school.

I am always seeking new ideas for ways to use and explore technology in the classroom. I currently use blogs, video chat, webquests, Quia games, and just about every iLife program (we are an all Mac school). I am looking forward to being a part of this network :-)

I am particularly interested in anyone's experiences with wikis (how did you use it in your classroom? what's the best one?) and nings in the classroom. I am wondering about safety issues (can I protect my students' identities) and how to manage middle schoolers using these technologies. Any advice or thoughts...?
Hi, Barbara. Classroom 2.0 is likely to be a great resource for you related to wikis!

Glad to have you here.


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