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My name is Brandy Wall and I am a Professional Development Facilitator for Frisco ISD. Frisco is part of the Dallas Metroplex and is considered one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. Because of this, our staff is growing fast. I am currently researching different ways of blending our professional development so that the sessions that we offer will work around the teacher's schedules. Some areas the we are looking at include wikis, blogs, online, and distance learning.
Hi I'm Richard Lo. I'm an undergraduate at Stanford University and working with a group of 3 other students looking to create useful technological tools for teachers. I'm here to learn about the education system and possibly how technology might come into play. Any advice would be much appreciated!
Hi Richard. You've come to the right place, but where should we begin? I suggest that you create your own thread, and title it "Stanford University undergrads looking for advice" or something catchy like that... :~) Then tell us more about what you think might be useful technological tools for teachers, and then ask for feedback. My guess is that you will get some good, knowledgeable comments.
Hi, Richard. For sure also visit
Hi everyone,

I work at the NYC PBS station in the education department. I specifically work on outreach for a children's animated math series, Cyberchase. Prior to working here I taught science both formally and informally in NJ.

I am also a graduate student in my final semester at NJIT, where I study Professional and Technical Communications. Most of my application of theory revolves around using technology in teaching and learning.

Glad to be here,
Hi everyone,

I am the assistant principal for student affairs at Cardinal O'Hara High Springfield PA. I also teach one class, vocal music, and direct the school's theatre program,, stage crew, choir, and renaissance program.

I am a fellow in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia PLP cohort, which has opened me up to the web 2.0 world including twitter, which is how I found this group!
Hi, Maura! I'm looking forward to the PBS/CR 2.0 show around Cyberchase. Glad to have you here.
I believe that it is time to reboot public education. There is so little of it that is driven by the world of knowledge we have today. Everything is out of synch with our world, from yearly calendars, to lack of accommodation for individual learning styles, to exorbitant costs for things that students never benefit from, to the fact that it stops at age 18! Why? Why doesn't public education start at conception and last throughout our lives until a few days after our transition when those who knew us can look back over the lessons learned by our life?

I have been asking this question of thinking people: If you could start public education over again from scratch with no preconceived ideas of who, what, why or how - what would it look like? The results have been coming together at where I would ask all of you to add your answers to that question.

Stephen Dill
All New Public Education
Stephen: looks fascinating. Keep us alerted to new and good content there.
Hi All,

I teach fifth grade near Milwaukee in Wisconsin. I am experimenting for the first time with using technology in the classroom. We have started to blog, use a wiki and voicethread. I am always looking for new ways to widen the classroom with my students. The skills my students are developing will serve them well now and in their futures.
Hi, I am high school social studies teacher in Nebraska. Although I will be moving to Sioux Falls, South Dakota for the next school year. I love using technology in my classroom and I am always looking for new ways to integrate it.
Hello! My name is Alicia and I am from Boston. I have diligently managed the development of online tutorial and assessment content for a textbook publishing company, and am now working on finding new ways to connect with our customers. Having studied to be a teacher, my main enjoyment in this position is to create content that is useful for both the teachers and the students.

My personal goal (why I am here) is to get more actively involved online, connecting with educators like you to see how best we can reach students via technology. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this.


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