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My name is Alan

I emigrated to New Zealand last year. I was an ICT consultant in Milton Keynes UK I am now back in the classroom and using a wiki to develop home learning for my year 6-7 students. We also use podomatic for podcast work in the class. It is early days but I am hopeful for a good result from using these technologies.

The wiki is:
Steve Missal info

Hello from Steve Missal here. I almost never blog, or wiki unless I have to. More and more now I find I have to.

I have my seniors going from my documents to folders to my websites for each class to Google doc collaborative projects to Ning, PBwiki and now into Second life after the break.

I have been following Knowledgeworks and 25 tools for a while and see the advantage of joining this group getting ideas like Comiclife and Toondoo among others.

I have ichatted global warming projects with students from Senegal and the Czech Republic as swell as groups in the states. I create original music and travel the country in the summer teaching history through music, Looking forward to sharing with the group if possible.

Some resources to share are on my Teacherweb sites

Hope you find something to use.....Steve
Hi all, I'm a CAD Trainer and Instructor and I teach in Professional Courses. I'm also a student of Information Science in the Universidade do Porto, Portugal.

I'm a New Zealander based in London, UK. For the last nine years I have been the editor of two magazines dedicated to disseminating good practice, advice, and inspiration to headteachers and anyone else involved at putting schools at the heart of their communities by offering a range of activities and services to children, young people and their families. Visit to find out more about this strategy, which all UK countries are developing.

This is a strategy I feel passionate about, particularly because one of its chief aims is to draw children and young people (and also their parents) who have been alienated from learning back into learning communities. and help them rebuild their aspirations, learn basic or new skills and generally improve people's lives.

Though I'm not an teacher, I want to keep in touch with the ideas people are exploring about the future of education. This might be a good place to do that.
Hi, working as a librarian/eLearning coordinator in the vocational education sector in Australia
Hi Geoff - where abouts are you working?
Hello all - my name is Jen and I work for Charles Darwin University in Alice Springs, Australia - virtually the dead centre of Australia. I work with students with low level literacy and numeracy skills in remote areas and believe that the use of technology is our best chance to provide a meaningful, interesting and FUN education for these students, where the 'tryanny of distance' is to some extent ameliorated. I look forward to learning more, sharing ideas and experiences, and if anyone else has an interest in distance education using technology, please feel free to message me!!!!!
Hi Jennifer,

I've followed the elearning strategies in Australia since I first began using the Internet about 10 years ago. I think you're far ahead of many countries. Have you connected with the Austrialian Mentoring Network or the Dusseldorf Center? They have a great web site and share lots of good ideas. You could help them reach more people with the elearning strategies you have.

I have shared info with these groups in many ways. As a small non profit I feel that until we enlist universities and their students as partners we won't have the manpower to collect and organize all of the knowledge that is available, or to help other people find, understand, and use the knowledge in actions that help kids move through school and into jobs and careers in different places all over the world.

I blog these ideas and hope to connect with you and your students.
Hi. Patricia here. Just finishing my second year as a high school librarian. I used ning as an extension for discussions for our small book club this year. The kids loved it! Next year I would love to have a joint book club with another high school anywhere across the globe. I am dreaming about a skype component as well. If anyone is interested, e-mail me:
Hi there,
Just joined, from NZ, a few minutes before I go into a meeting to discuss the future of 'learning' and 'media'!
Looking forward to the discussions.
Hullo, all! I'm the technology coach at IS 339, a public middle school in the Bronx. I'm also studying for an MFA in design and technology at Parsons, where I'm looking at educational media. I'm interested in how technology (digital, analogue) influences teaching and learning, including but not limited to the engagement aspect. I'm a Google Certified Teacher as well, which is a program worth checking out - they're accepting applications now.

IS 339 is hosting an event in June that some of you may be interested in checking out; we're aiming to engage the world in a conversation about the future of education through an online and in-person event on June 9th. Dot-to-Dot will bring together educators, families, students and politicians to observe best practices (all 70 of our teachers have designed and executed high-quality, technology-infused projects that they will be presenting on the 9th), engage in panel discussions about what this future might look like, and connect with other educators/families/students/politicians who are interested in the same.

If you're in the New York area, I'd love to meet you at the event in person. If you're not, you can join us on June 9th online, anytime between 1PM-5PM EST. Details about the event and the school are here -; click on "so, join us!" for details. (My web design skills are wanting :)
Hi, my name is Elisabeth. I'm currently a grad student in Emporia University's online Instructional Design and Technology program, however I also work as the eLearning Resources Support Specialist at Lesley University. I work with faculty on effective practices for integrating technology into their curriculum, and am very interested in learning and expanding my own knowledge with how technology and web 2.0 tools can be used in education. I look forward to participating and learning in this group!


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