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Hi, my name is Elizabeth Oyelola. I teach in Federal Government College Lagos, a secondary school in the community known as Ijanikin, in Lagos State, Nigeria. I am an IT instructor, a 21st Century Innovative Teacher Trainer who is currently teaching biology. I organize workshops to introduce project based teaching approach to teachers and innovative ways of using ICT in the classroom. Using this 21st century approach has improved my students' critical thinking and collaboration.

I already have workshops scheduled during the summer holiday for teachers in three secondary schools. I get excited when i see teachers use this approach of teaching and learning.

I met Steve during the podcast of Partners In Learning (PIL). I am looking forward to learning more from what this network has to offer.


Lagos, Nigeria

Welcome Elizabeth. You are doing great work. Critical thinking is a skill in much demand. The future will be more about projects than companies. Some projects will last 10+ years. If we want a World of Peace we must build a more interconnected infrastructure. Tell us more about the classrooms in Nigeria. What % of the people obtain post secondary education? Is there much online education there.

Love & Peace, Deborah

One basic thing about the classroom in Nigeria is the teacher centered teaching. Change is a phenomenon educators find difficult to accept especially with the several challenges the education sector is experiencing in the country presently - inadequate funding, incessant electricity supply, poor infrastructure, curriculum development etc.

The average class size in public schools is between 50 to 60 students while that of private schools is between 15 - 20 students. The large class size is an hindrance educators have to deal with because it discourages them from using the 21st century learning and teaching in the classroom.

The percentage of people that obtain post secondary education varies from region to region which is affected by religion and financial strength. In the south west - 90-95%, south east - 60-65% while in the north - 30 - 35%.

We have online education but used by a few.

Lizzy, Nigeria


Greetings from Hyderabad, India.  My name is Satya Kumar (Satya as in Satyagraha, meaning truth, Ahem).  

I am Engineering Graduate from NIT, Warangal and then obtained MS in Industrial Engineering from University of Iowa, 1987.  Later on, I was Chevening Gurukul Scholar at London School of Economics during 1997-98.  I am the co-founder of Chirec Public School (, estd 1989,  which currently has an enrollment of over 3000 students in 3 campuses in Hyderabad, India and offers the Indian National Curriculum (CBSE), Cambridge International Education and IB Diploma programs. In 2013, I and my wife Thriveni, have promoted MyPal Online School ( ) to cater to needs of academically talented students by offering challenging online courses in math and computer science.  Gifted and Talented Education does not received any special attention in the Indian school curricula.  

MyPal is an acronym for My Project Active Learning and the idea is to leverage technology to encourage learner centric education for 21st century skills.  MyPal collaborates with IMACS, USA ( ), pioneers in acceleration courses in math and computer science for gifted and talented middle school and high school students.

We are entering unchartered territory of Gifted and Talented Education in Indian schools.  I am looking forward to advice and suggestions of this forum's members and am keen learn from their experiences in various countries. 

I am taking a graduate level workshop course in 'Current Readings and Research in Gifted Education' from Belin-Blank Centre, University of Iowa, in Summer 2013.  I am also enrolled in Introduction to Mathematics Philosophy in Coursera and had previously taken Intro to Mathematical Thinking offered by Prof Keith Devlin of Stanford University through Coursera.  

DV Satya Kumar


You are working with the type of educational course work that will be the salvation of the Future of Education. Not all students are gifted but proper stimulation of those who are will be critical to turning out effective & ethical leadership. True geniuses push the edge and disrupt the status quo because they are driven...not just for the money.

Love & Peace, Deborah

Peace by 2027

Hi All- 

I'm Dana Ishii, currently getting my masters in Ed. Tech from the University of Hawaii- and working as a Special Education Teacher grades 3 and 4.  

I'm doing research on PLN's and looking to expand mine, although not sure in what direction.  I have many ed related ideas and interests, including alternative/farm based schools, horse/animal therapy, developing better (free) online reading programs, and any other ideas that look to change the standard school/learning culture.  

My focus at the moment is graduating but please feel free to msg me if any of these ideas ring a bell with you or your cause.  


Welcome Dana,

Working kids & farms together is a great idea. There are several farms that allow inner city kids to visit and see how farms work. People are like snowflakes and no two are alike. The only Future of Education is individual learning free from artificial barriers.

Love & Peace, Deborah

I am running a program out of Colorado Springs School District 11called FACE IT-TRACE IT-ERASE IT which is currently connecting students from all over the world to work together in groups to solve some of the world's most demanding problems. Ages range from 13-19. I work with the Global Connections faction of the US State department and we have been doing it for 4 years. It is getting great reviews and it is truly the Future of Education in action. We are currently doing a lot of work at You need to join, like this site but if you do you will see something amazing happening. Please feel free to email me at for more infromation. Come be a part of history.

This is Max Carla here. I am educator, teacher and speaker. I love to teach student on various subjects like online education, web 2.0 educations and e-learning. I am collaborating with several dozen teachers and former test takers who passed they developed numerous exam study guides on Praxis Practice Test, Texes Practice Test & CSET Practice Test and also providing teaching solutions across New York, USA.

My name is Joseph Tramontana and I have extenisve experience as a Central Office Administrator in a large school district.  I have served as the Director of Human Resources and as a Chief Finance Office.

I also contribute regularly to the "Citizen's Guide to School Finance.


This is Regina Brown. I am an educator and a blogger. I believe education is for all and we all should take little initiative to reach education to all corners of the globe and make this earth a better place to live in.


A Learning Revolution Project

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