What strategies have you used to get work published in peer-reviewed, magazines, journals or books?

Congratulations! You have worked hard and obtained that coveted Degree. You've received the phone call or the email from the Dean or your Mentor calling you Doctor and sharing the next command: Go forth and publish. But how?

As difficult as it is for most to get published, how long was it before your dissertation article or book was published? If so, what was your experience? Where did you find help?

You're welcome to check out the details of my pains (and finally the help) by checking out the link below from my recent Blog post!


- Dr. Sheila Embry

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Visit http://www.emeraldinsight.com and look at the information for authors including their literati club and other information on how to write for, get reviewed and published


This site has been recommended by a number of journal editors whether or not their journals are published by Emerald

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