Where do Doctorate professionals "hang out" together online?

If you or someone you know has earned their doctoral or PhD degree, I'm wondering if you know where these people tend to gather together online? It seems every possible segment of society congregates online in various groups, communities and niche social sites.

With that being said, where have you seen doctoral graduates, faculty and students gather together for discussion and interaction in an open forum online? I would be curious to know, so please post your Comments below with websites, links or groups you know of!

(To help fill a gap, we've started a growing community on Ning that you're welcome to visit using the link below.)


- Dr. Cheryl

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Some of us just hang out anywhere there is a forum of interest. You'll find us all over the Net.

Of course, there are limitations associated with stereotyping people :-)
We really need a virtual place or community to hang out together at...I tried to create an free account at ning but they charge fees just to do that, maybe we can create a Facebook account. Although Facebook is not working from inside my university but its a good idea to start something...

Dr. Samer
Applied Science University

I also created a Consultants network http://clubmid.org


Dr. Smaer 



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