If it looks like a move is in your future, Beijing is worth considering.


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If you have ever considered working China, you probably have wondered a few things. You may have thought about just what opportunities are available to you. You have probably considered just what is it that you have to offer to a school or company. And of course you have thought about what that school or company has to offer you. These are all very important questions that need answering, and they all go hand-in-hand with the most important question to be answered: What does the city and country have to offer you? If you are committing to move somewhere, you’ll need to know what’s in store for you and what to expect!


Employment is plentiful, and opportunities are endless.

As a foreigner, you will certainly have a lot to offer to an employer. Your foreign insight and expertise will certainly go along way. If you are planning on teaching at a school, speaking English could very well be your greatest asset. Of course, employers will provide you with great compensation, equal to your level of education and skill. Should you decide to go the teaching route, Aidi International School could be the perfect fit for you. Aidi wants quality teachers on its staff, and if you think that you fit that role, Aidi is worth looking into.


Experience the city, culture, and lifestyle.

Apart from being home to some of the best schools and career opportunities, Beijing has a lot to offer (and add to) your lifestyle! Beijing is truly an amalgamation of ancient meets modern. You can find yourself walking on ancient streets and alleys, or looking up at brand new sparkling skyscrapers. You can find and experience it all in Beijing. While working at a school like Aidi, you will have every opportunity to experience Beijing firsthand. Aidi encourages its teachers to experience the city, and does its best to ensure that they are able to!


Aidi wants you to enjoy yourself in Beijing.

Aidi wants its teachers to enjoy themselves on days off, and regularly organizes events and tours for its teachers to participate in. If you’re looking to socialize, check out Houhai, Gulou, and Sanlitun bar districts. Interested in history and culture? Head on over to Tiananmen Square, the Palace Museum, or the Great Wall.


The move is easy with Aidi.

It can be hard at first moving to a new city, but thankfully a city like Beijing makes the move easier. You will have easy access to all sorts of things from “back home”. Your favorite name brands are all readily accessible. Beijing has all of the amenities of a modern city, and that will make your move (and stay) much more enjoyable. Furthermore, Aidi will assist you greatly in planning and executing your move to Beijing. From airport pickup to settling you in your new housing, Aidi will make sure that your move is as hassle-free and smooth as possible. Having this much assistance during this time will really relieve the stress of moving, and allow you to settle in much faster.


Beijing has everything you want, and everything you need.

       With great employment opportunities, a magical local culture, and all of the amenities you’d expect from a modern city, Beijing should be high on your list of destinations. Whether you are coming for a short adventure, or planning to stay awhile, you will enjoy every minute of your time here!  



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