Why Private School Education is better than Govt. aided School's?

We generally see that student who has passed out from a Private school are more active when you compare with government aided school's. Could anyone let us know what the reasons? Both schools have the same course and teacher's are well trained in their subjects but still why we find such difference when we see student from this two types of school. Why can't we have the same environment so the students are bright enough to handle our nation.

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My impression is that India is at least as diverse as America. In America private schools have usually taken the kids from the best families and left out the poor, disabled, or otherwise challenged students. We have plenty of statistics to show that children from a stable environment with plenty good food, rest, and security...do way better in their studies than less fortunate kids. Public Schools, on the other hand, here in America must take all students in their jurisdiction. Private schools sometimes pay teachers better and have high technology classrooms with fewer students/ teacher than public schools. Technology can lower the difference between poor and wealthy families or it can make things worse. In my opinion, each student needs a champion. This is a parent or caring adult that takes a personal life-long interest in the success of the student. This champion has high expectations, love, and celebrates every achievement in the student's educational experience. We have EQ, IQ, & experience that contribute to expectations of a student. I can tell you of the experience we have here in Arlington, Virginia, USA. We deal with 190 languages in our public school system. We regularly score in the highest results for performance and 90% of our high school graduates go on to college. As a population we have the highest number of graduate degrees in the USA. It is expensive to live here. We have high quality libraries with many resources available online and several computers available in each library. We have many community events and great public transportation. Low crime. Many pets. We provide high quality affordable, subsidized housing for those who qualify and an award winning social services department that works with enlightened law enforcement to do the best they can to rehabilitate people with difficult lives. I have always felt that public schools are better preparation for real life compared with private that encourage exceptional people to avoid less fortunate people. This sense of exclusiveness brings a sense of entitlement and reinforces the concept that poor people are poor because they are lazy. Poverty is a byproduct of greed. Love & Peace, Deborah 


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