So, how many people already know about your session? Have you taken our advice regarding promoting it? How many attendees are you expecting?


Have you got a blog? Has it got the presenter's badge, which lead to your profile page here?

Have you put a countdown-to-your-session clock?

Have you written anything about it at all?

117 presenters are in this group. 24 blog posts are found here. Doesn't seem quite to add up... ;)


If you still have any questions, you can find me here, there, everywhere...


Thanks for being part of RSCON!



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So, it seems my internet skills are not quite as good as I thought... I tried embedding the countdown clock on my profile, but I can't seem to figure out where exactly I should paste the code... I would really appreciate any help :)



Good point Nina. Shelly says you can do it. I don't think you can - the countdown clock we use provides the code in iframe and that is not recognised here, as far as I know. Even WordPress may have issues - I must admit I haven't tried it in WP a/c - something to add on the list. But I have on Blogger:

Find me on Twitter or FB, Nina. Gotta run now...

Yes, like I said. However YouTube, also on iFrames, works so WordPress must have an agreement or something...

hello,  I also posted my Countdown clock on my blog. It was impossible to do it on the ning site. I tried several times, but wasn't recognized, so I gave up and simply added it to my blog. It looks fine, I am proud of my self how I easily did it, which means I have already learned a lot so far :). Love technology and PD ;) Check it out here

Looks great, Marijana; however, either yours or mine is wrong :( Compare them.

Hi Chiew, I don't know what you mean, of being wrong. The Countdown is a bit different as you have London time, I have Zagreb time - that could be the only diffrence :) It's still 2 hours difference

But all in all 9 more days!, wow!!

Sorry, Marijana! I must be tired. You know I just remembered I have 2 new groups, different levels, tomorrow morning and it's 23.54 and I haven't prepared anything yet??¿?!** Fortunately, I remember now, so it's still not too late! LOL

Anyway, I must have seen the minutes instead of the hour (my not displaying seconds must have thrown me off briefly) because I read just a few minutes difference between yours and mine, and mine counts down to the start, and yours to your session!

Thanks for all your help and advice, Chiew. Still need to add the countdown clock....


Janet :-)

Getting to this today! Many of us are simply stretched with other responsibilities and do plan to blog about it but haven't had a chance yet :) Going! 

I supposed. But a little push here and there... ;)

Thanks Joan!

I totally get it!  :-) 

Just added my blog post to the doc! Here it is as well!


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