I have been travelling and seemed to have missed to schedule. Can't find any explanation on how to do that.... can you advise?

rgds Heike

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Oh, dear. Shelly's trying to iron some things out as some sessions may have been duplicated. I'll remind her of your case, Heike. I'll speak to you shortly regarding when you're available.

I hope Heike will be include :-)

It won't be for lack of trying! :D

Me, too please! [raises hand whilst jumping up & down]      

You didn't manage to get a slot either, Gwyneth?

No, sadly I did not.  I've got a slew of excuses reasons from

library media orientation, new principal, MAP testing, PT, to BTSN

but basically I dropped the ball here. My bad. 

It's OK, I can delete my discussion, then support and cheer on from the sidelines w/ Twitter! 


No promises, but let's see if we can come up with more slots...

Gwyneth get in touch with me asap.

W00t! Thank you, I am booked!  Saturday October 12, 7pm EASTERN USA Time! & I sent you a few DM's Too -- Dude, You ROCK!

Hi Heike 

everything you need to know is here on Chiew's blog post 



I'm basically in the same boat here. Any chance of new time slots becoming available?

Adam, you should have received an email regarding problems, no? I'll DM you.


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