Are you ready?

Have you had hands-on practice?

Do you know how to upload your presentation? Are you sure it works? Do you know how to move/skip slides?

Do you know how to create a poll? Home many poll options have you got? Do you know how to change them? Publish the results? Move/delete them?

Do you know when your moderator is trying to tell you something in private?

Do you have a head set? Does your audio/video work?

What happens when you lose connection? What happens when you can't get in?

Remember Murphy! I see him every year in various disguise. I can assure you.

I'm in the room right now if your answer to the above is in the negative/not sure mode...

And I can ask loads more questions in addition to the above... ;)

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Hi dear Chiew!

I've just finished trying Blacboard Collaborate. And of course, I have some questions!!!

Will we have a direct access link the day of the session? Will there be any moderator talking to me previously? (I mean, if I will know who the person is) and if I have to send my PPT in advanced to you or Shelly.

I've used BC for our BaW Sessions but it seems that they changed some layouts in the last months. 

Well... I guess these are my questions for today. My session will be next Sat Oct 12 at 11 am (ARG time) -3 hs GMT.

Will there be any global schedule for us to follow all the participants?

Sorry for all my questions!

Smiles, Maria :)

Hi María,

As it stands right now, we don't know who your moderator will be until just before the session. The first point of entry is the lounge (come in early - unlimited hors d'oeuvre and refreshment will be made available). From here, you will be assign your room and moderator (We're still looking for MORE! So, presenters, please volunteer to moderate your fellow presenters! Join the volunteer group and book your preferred slot).

If you have your .ppt ready, do send it to me. This is a personal offer. I know Mr Murphy well so it's always good to have a backup plan. I've had presenters come in 2 minutes before the session and say, I can't find the ppt or this isn't the one I've updated, this is all wrong...

I know there are 100+ presenters. I'm offering myself for anyone who wishes to send in their ppt  because I know more than half wouldn't even be reading this. Don't send to Shelly because poor thing, come Friday, won't even know her left hand from her right ;) So, let's not load her with more things than she already has.

You can see the schedule on the schedule page. Just click on your time zone and it will bring you to the schedule in your time zone. If you scroll down the web page (as opposed to the schedule page), you will see a list of volunteers already assigned.

Like I said, if you want some hands-on practice, I'm in the lounge for the next few hours...


Thanks Chiew! I appreciate it. They can send you via which allows them to upload then give you a link and their audience to download. We also

Hi Chiew!

Thanks for your lovely reply!!! I've already volunteered and booked my slot. I'm doing the final version to the PPT as I need to agree with Ayat about them. As soon as we finish with them, I'll send it and will also upload it to Slideshare.

We won't need extra links so all will be there.

Thanks again, 
Smiles, Maria :)

I'm ready to practice from tomorrow.

Watch out for my tweets/FB posts. Depending on your time zone...When you're ready, dm me.

Whenever I try to load my slides, BBC says that I must exit Powerpoint before continuing. But I never have Powerpoint open at the time. 

I think it may stem from one time in the distant past when I did have it open at the same time and ever since then it always says it's open, whether it is or isn't. I tried today in my trial room and same message. Do you know any way to fix this or get around it?

I uninstalled Java and reinstalled it. Nope, didn't work.

I cleared Java cache. Nope, didn't work.

I converted PPTX to JPGs and uploaded them that way. Worked. Maybe that's what I'll have to do.

That's peculiar, Tyson. Normally, clearing the cache will do it. If you like, send the final copy to me and I'll check if it's loadable and I'll try to get it to whoever is your moderator.

OK, thanks Chiew. When I get the PPTx done, I'll forward it to you.


This is the best option in my opinion. It's what I always do.


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