What can you help us with? What are your talents? Where does your passion lie?

There are things you can volunteer for apart from presenting and moderating. Examples:

  • Designing
  • Interviewing
  • Roving reporting not only during the conference, but also pre- and post- event.
  • Promoting (such as video)

And whatever else you can think of!

Fill in your details here:

Volunteer Pool

Thanks for helping to inspire.


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Smiles, Maria :)

Still waiting... ;)

If you are waiting for "la loca", she's gone on vacation... but she left "Maria" in charge!! lool :D

Thanks for such a great weekend and times at BbC!!

Smiles, Maria :)

I don't know who's worse... ;P

Hi Chiew, I will always help as much as I can.  I will get back to you later on this Pool as now I am in the middle of finishing the organization for Comenius meeting of 4 countries in my school so can't think of RSCON4 at the moment. I love RSCON - and even though I have been very busy during RSCON4 I accepted to help. So please have Pool open at least by 1 NOvember - hope by then I have more time ;) thank you! You are awesome!

Don't worry, Marijana. The pool will be open permanently :) Thanks for being such help even though you were so busy! Hope it didn't stress you out too much!

Great idea. Count me in. Congratulations to last weekend's awesome effort and success. Glad to have been a part of it.

Glad to have you as a part of it!


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