Hi everybody,

I was wondering if you would be willing to hangout or skype to practise how to deal with the platform and moderators task.

I thanks you in advance

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Anytime, Debbie!! So so glad to see you here!!! I´ll let you know!! Hugs

Deb, I'll see if I have some time tonight (European) and I'll get a room and we can all hang out there and have a Q&A session, hold each other's hands and virtual hug one another... No promises though. Stay tuned.

Oh Chiew, you are so very awesome! Staying tuned friend. Hugs from my heart!

Deb Did you get to see my message?

hey Fabi, messaged on FB

Welcome Deb! I would be happy to help you in a practice session too. I'm in the PDT time zone and you can either tweet me or email me if you need me. pgeorge@mac.com or @pgeorge on Twitter. Getting so excited for the conference!

Hi Peggy,

Already emailed you. Thanks in advance

Excellent, Debbie! Just sent you an email reply. :-) Hope to be able to practice with you tomorrow. It will fill you with confidence. :-)

Peggy, you are so kind! OMG! This is so powerful. Ready to be filled with confidence :-) 


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