Dear all,

I volunteered for moderating some sessions.

Is it enough to just watch the training videos?

I wonder if anything else is needed?



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Thanks for volunteering! If you're unfamiliar with Blackboard Collaborate, and even if you are but are "rusty", there's nothing like hands-on practice. Time is running short; you can train in the lounge if you can coincide with some free time; otherwise we recommend that you sign up at the WeCollaborate user community for support and advice. You can also get a free, 30-day, 25-seat trial of Collaborate HERE (at the end of the trial, you'll automatically be transitioned to a 3-person vRoom).


Hi all,

yes - i have the same question as Sara. i have familiarized myself on Blackboard, and know the buttons to click. 

Is there anything else moderators should know? 

Thanks for this exciting experience - looking forward to it!



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