Thanks so much, Teresa, for responding to the call. Welcome to the group! Though I think you've got your name wrong ;)

If anyone know anyone else who can spare some time this weekend, please encourage them to sign up as a volunteer!



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Hi Chiew, happy to help. My typo has been rectified in the profile but doesn't seem to update elsewhere. Never mind, I can always change my name :)

What's in a name, right? Any questions, just shoot them to me. I'll probably have the lounge open in a couple of hours if you want to pop in. Just dm me for the key.

Exactly! Are you using v12.5?

We're on v12.5.3.7158-g33a1fa2

How can I help?  I am willing to learn. 

Thanks for offering Angelique.

First join this group:

The best is to go to the main call for moderator page and all the necessary information is there:

If you have any problems, get back to me.


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