Quoting Chiew: "Did you miss the two #RSCON4 training sessions? Then you shouldn't miss the recordings. There are two - they are similar. The links are given at the end of this post.

When you click on either link, you'll be asked to save a file called nativeplayback.jnlp
Save it where you can find it easily, on your desktop, for example.
When it's finished saving, open it.
This will start the recording. It may take a few minutes to load.
Click on play to begin the playback.

The whole recording lasts for 76 minutes although you can fast forward or rewind it."


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Marcia, thanks for posting these links to the two training session led by Jo Hart! They are really helpful to anyone who is presenting or moderating sessions! Well worth the time to watch (pick one) if you've never been a moderator/presenter in Blackboard Collaborate!

Thanks Marcia and special thanks to Peggy. You are awesome. 


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