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From the original EdTechLive series:
Guest Show Title Date Play or Download Download Links
Students 2.0 Lindsea, Sean, and Kevin Discuss 12/14/07 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
"Arthus" A 14-year-old Talks Educational Technology 10/18/07 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
Anastasia Goodstein Totally Wired Teens 8/2/07 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
DK SH Interviews DK from the UK 7/19/07 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
Mike Huffman & Laura Taylor NECC2007 Presentation: "Top Ten Must-Dos to Make Open Source Work in the Classroom" 6/26/07 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
Adam Frey & Vicki Davis NECC 2007 Presentation: "Using Wikis in the Classroom" 6/27/07 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
Gary Stager Choice in Learning (from "Give Education a Second Life") 6/12/07 MP3 OGG
Kristian Still "The P.E. Geek" 5/30/07 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
Marc Andreessen From the Web Browser to Social Networking 5/24/07 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
Ben Wilkoff Academy of Discover (School 2.0, Part 11) 5/18/07 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
Tim O'Reilly Web 2.0 and Education 4/26/07 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
Eric Langhorst "Mr. Podcast" Is an 8th-grade History Teacher 4/17/07 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
Gina Bianchini Ning and Social Networking 4/12/07 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
Michael Russell Where Is the Technology Revolution in Education? (School 2.0, Part 10) 4/9/07 MP3 OGG Blog Notes Michael Russell COSN Tech Revolution Reduced.pdf
Brian Behlendorf Apache 3/19/07 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
Susan Patrick Online Learning (School 2.0, Part 9) 2/26/07 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
David Warlick Ed Tech is Exciting Again (School 2.0, Part 8) 2/9/07 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
Terry and Elaine Freedman Web 2.0 in the Classroom (School 2.0, Part 7) 1/23/07 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
John Seely Brown Web 2.0 and the Culture of Learning (School 2.0, Part 6) 1/15/07 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
Chris O'Neal Tapping into MySpace Minds (School 2.0, Part 5) 1/11/07 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
Jim Hirsch Plano Independent School District (School 2.0, Part 4) 1/7/07 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
Chris Lehmann Science Leadership Academy (School 2.0, Part 3) 12/21/06 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
Will Richardson Educational Blogging (School 2.0, Part 2) 12/29/06 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach 21st Century Learning (School 2.0, Part 1) 12/21/06 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
Sarah Robbins Second Life's "Intellagirl" 12/13/06 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
Gavin Dudeney Second Life in Education 12/1/06 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
Bill Fitzgerald Drupal in Education 12/1/06 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
Stephen Downes Educational Technology 11/21/06 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
Chris DiBona Google and Open Source 11/14/06 MP3 OGG
Mark Wagner Students and the New Web 11/10/06 MP3 OGG
Nancy Willard Internet Safety 11/10/06 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
Larry Augustin "The Business of Open Source" 10/27/06 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
Martin Dougiamas "Moodle" 10/19/06 MP3 OGG Workshops, Blog Notes
Richard Stallman "Free Software in Schools" 10/7/06 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
Ragavan Srinivasan from HP "A Introduction to Open Source Licenses" 10/5/06 MP3 OGG Show Links, Blog Notes
Doc Searls "Open Source Software in Education" 9/28/06 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
John Selmys "Free and Open Source Software Symposium" 9/27/06 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
Jon "maddog" Hall "Open Source and Education" 9/26/06 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
Eric S. Raymond "Open Source and Education" 9/21/06 MP3 OGG The Cathedral & the Bazaar, Blog Notes
Solveig Haugland, Ben Horst, & Randy Orwin "OpenOffice: First Choice for Schools Now?" 9/13/06 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
Larry Cuban "Oversold and Underused: Computers in the Classroom" 9/7/06 MP3 OGG PDF of Book, Blog Notes
Robert Arkiletian "fl_TeacherTool and K12LTSP in Schools" 8/25/06 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
Victoria Davis and Adam Frey "Wikis--What Are They, and Why Use Them in Education?" 8/24/06 MP3 OGG Blog Notes
Michelle Moore "Moodle: An Open Source Learning Management System" 8/17/06 MP3 OGG
Mike Huffman and Laura Taylor "Indiana's ACCESS Program: Affordable Classroom Computers for Every Secondary Student" 8/10/2006 MP3 OGG IndianaAccess.pdf
tuXlab Hilton Theunissen talks about the Shuttleworth Foundation's tuXlab program in South Africa. 8/10/2006 MP3 OGG How-to
Daniel Howard, William Fragakis, and APS Staff Atlanta Public Schools' Linux Thin Client Project 8/3/2006 MP3 OGG Wiki Resources
Jim McQuillan and Eric Harrison LTSP, K12LTSP, and Linux Thin Client for Schools 8/3/2006 MP3 OGG Wiki Resources
Dr. David Thornburg "Free and Open Source Software in Education" 7/27/2006 MP3 OGG Chat Archive, Wiki Resources


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