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Leadership and Learning: Part 1

It is interesting when you start reading out of your field how many interesting ideas one discovers that are applicable to education.

Ken Blanchard is one of the world leading experts on management and leadership. He is the author of a series of books called the “One Minute Manager”. He, and his team, have sold millions of books and empowered managers and leaders in a range of industries worldwide in simple and effective approaches to developing leadership and managing their…


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School Uses Webcams to Spy on Students - Is This Ethical?

A school district in Pennsylvania is in a bit of trouble after allegedly using webcams on school laptops to monitor their students in and outside of school using spy software. The students and parents were uninformed about the use of this software and discovered it only after one student was called to his principal's office for bad behavior in his home. The principal then used a picture taken with the spy software to prove his case.

While the school district… Continue

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Dealing with the Stress of Change

Our district is in the middle of many change initiatives that are focused on developing a different accountability system for student learning. The drive is coming from the School Board and is fueled by everything they have been reading in "The World is Flat", "Disrupting Class", and more.

Although small task force groups have attempted to grapple with what needs to change with our current graduation requirements and grading system, the groups fall short of being able to make…


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Cyber Bullying vs. Freedom of Speech

I've just come across yet another case that calls into question just how

involved a school should be when it comes to disciplining cyber

bullying. A student in Florida is suing her former principal after she

was suspended back in 2007 for creating a Facebook criticizing one of

her teachers. The page, which was up only for a few days, had current

and past students commenting on the teacher's abilities, some for and

some against.

Two months later, the… Continue

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Practices. Practices!

I have had an interesting time this week as I went and visited a range of schools to observe teachers teaching (or should that be …provide a space for learning to occur?). I was able to sit in on a range of teachers and the variety of approaches they use to promote learning.

Before I get into the topic of teacher practices I think I must start by saying that good inquiry learning requires elements of explicit teaching, practicing, skill development, and inquiry. It is a…


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school health habits

It seems that too many schools are behind in setting examples for eating habits, still serving food out of deep fryers and snack machines.There is a great "novel" idea suggested in This article: stop putting junk… Continue

Added by Sara Redec on February 18, 2010 at 10:01am — 1 Comment

Pheobe Prince Commits Suicide Because of Cyber Bullying - Who is to Blame?

In the last few weeks, I have come across a slew of cyber bullying cases, each becoming more serious than the last. But it was the story of a young girl named Phoebe Prince that really hit home.

Phoebe Prince, 15, committed suicide due to what reports are saying was a case of cyber bullying. The young teen was victim to harassing Internet and text messages from alleged older…


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New Items in the Internet Library!

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For our Premium Members, we have uploaded a whole new section of MP3

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Teaching Technique-teach the brain not the student


I am an enthusiastic teacher that believes every student is capable of great success.

I have two great friends and one soon to be great friend that cautions my enthusiasm, their contention is that the teacher’s ability may be good or even great, but we must place more accountability on the student.

I agree. When I do how to learn presentations for students, I tell them they can learn…

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Teaching Technique-Call and Response

This is not a NEW Idea. But I have not seen it used in Public Schools. It worked marvelously for me. I encourage all teachers to give it a try. It Works!

First a little history of the concept.

You have probably seen (on TV) an army group marching, whereas the leader calls out a verbal command and the entire group responds with some verbal reply.

You have seen a football and/or a basketball team get in a…

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Paradigm- the key to successful teaching

What is it? By definition “an example serving as a model; pattern”

Every teacher has one; but most teachers don’t realize what their paradigm is.

Your paradigm determines how well you do every little teaching task that you do.

But first let me give you some examples.

Here are some examples of teacher paradigms.

“My job is to present the lesson. It’s up to the student to learn the…

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I am a former teacher in the Memphis City school system. I have an experience I would like

to share. You decide if you can use the concepts.

I had a second job at a neighborhood community center at night.

Color Video cameras had just come on the market. I bought one to use in my teaching effort. I found some unusually

cool hand puppets on sale and I bought them. I got this great Idea.

At my community center job I used an overturned…

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Teaching Technique-What did you learn in school today?

Teaching Technique-What did you learn in school today?

There was a time Parents would ask their student offspring, “What did you learn in school today”.

Do you know what the reply was then? Do you know what the reply would be today?

You got it; the reply would be “Nothing”

TEACHERS, that’s our fault.

We are involved in the lecture method of teaching. It’s the least effective technique. That’s just one problem. But we won’t focus on…

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Teaching Technique-Coach

Teaching Technique-Coach

This will not work for everybody. But it worked for a dear friend of mine. Let us just call him Bob. Bob was the only Caucasian in an all Black school. He was also the only male.

He was 5’6” and weighed 130 pounds. He explained to me that the female teachers in the school were excellent teachers and they were demanding and hard on the students. He said they were ideal mother figures and ruled with an iron hand. He explained…

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Teaching Technique_ the Reverse Field Trip.

I was assigned to a new school. On my first day the principal said. “I have heard of you, you like to take the students on field trips, there will be no field trips at this school.” I have never met the principal before, but his comments did not affect me whatsoever.

My concern is how can I best educate my students? I knew that the lecture method is the technique that is least likely to achieve the results I…

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Teaching Technique-EXPECTATIONS

Teaching Technique-EXPECTATIONS

First a story

When I taught in the Memphis City School System, I also worked summers for the Memphis Coty Park Commission. I worked at a Community Center. The Director of the center and I became friends. Years after leaving the Park Commission job the Director (a lady) shared this information with me.

Her story is this. “I was in a very sleazy night club (if you could really call it that) one night. I was with…

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Teaching Technique - Legacy

BY DEFINITION: Something handed down from an ancestor or a predecessor or from the past

How do you want your students to remember you?

If you are walking in a local mall and one of your former students sees you then runs to give you a hug and a thank you, would that make you happy.

If you overheard one of your students saying “she is the best teacher I ever had”, How would that make you feel?


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Teaching Technique-"Take the show on the road"

Teaching Technique-“take the show on the road”

This technique will work regardless of the subject matter you are teaching. This concept is valid for any grade level. It has worked for me at grade levels 8 through college.

My explanation to my students was this. We are going to proudly show others what we do, how we do it, how well we do it and particularly how much we enjoy doing it.

Here are some ideas where you can tale your students to do a…

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All the techniques will not work for all classes. But some are really worth trying. This one really worked for me. I think it worked because it made the students realize


Here it is. I informed my students that I was taking classes every night (and in the summer) working on my doctorate degree. I explained to them that had I spoken positively about them in each of my classes because I was really…

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