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Slavery in the United States: Primary Sources and the Historical Record

I thought this was interesting and worth sharing.

Check out the web tool to map lesson plans to standards - state and common core.


Source: http://www.loc.gov/teachers/classroommaterials/lessons/slavery/

Lesson Overview

This lesson introduces students to primary sources — what they are, their great variety, and how they can be analyzed. The lesson begins with an activity that…


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Know About Essay Writing Services From Various Companies

There are many essay-writing companies, which will help you in knowing how you must write an attractive and unique research paper or essay. If you have a proper knowledge about English, then you can write a well-written and unique paper for you without any grammatical or spelling mistakes. It is also important to know, how to express your views in the form of an essay. If you are interested in making your essay or research paper well written and plagiarism free, then you need to do many…


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Importance Of Online Writing Services For Your Web Presence

Content has a major role to play on the online websites. The internet is the place where people look for all their needs and requirements. They understand with the help of pictures, videos and all the material that is written on the websites, blogs, directories, etc. Thus, to make an online business successful content plays an important role. This way your business can lead the market and you are always going to meet the expectations of your customers. When there is a quality content on your…


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What Are The Situations, Which Necessitate The Need Of Essay Writing Services?

If you go online and hunt for essay writing services, you will be amazed to see the number of alternatives you will come across. There is a great demand of these services in the industry. Students want these services to complete this essay writing assignments on their behalf. They face difficulty in completing their assignments to submit. Therefore, they look for a professional and reputed company, offering these services. If you are dealing with same situations, then you must hire a…


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7 Inspiring and Motivational Books to Read in 2015

People often say that reading has a significant number of benefits to students. Reading will make you smarter and it can spark your creativity. It also helps you develop your cognitive skills and grow your understanding on complex problems. Moreover, it is fun, entertaining and enlightening.

Reading is just one of the countless ways to motivate…


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Graphic Design Project for Healthcare MBA Students

Over the past 3 months me and my team of aspiring graphic designers had a great opportunity of working on an amazing project. I'm sharing it…


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Top Tips for Looking After Your Car

Most car owners treasure their vehicles are though they were one of the family. While cars can encounter problems which are caused by age, weather or other factors which are out of your control, a lot of things can be done so that your car is preserved for as long as possible.

Look after your car in bad…


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Right to education; OK, Right to What Education,?

Government seems to be only fulfilling its obligation of bringing all children into schools and retaining them there by providing all possible incentives- food, dress, books, shoes etc. But the question of ensuring quality has been forgotten. Quantity, measurement, record keeping, display of different figures etc. have taken the whole time and enrgy of the teachers. Poor education for children of the poor!

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Top Highlighted Cisco Certification Courses in 2014

Cisco certifications hold a lot of value for employers and Cisco qualified professionals. These certifications validate the experience and technical knowledge of the individuals who acquire them. Hence, Cisco certifications deal with a huge variety of protocols and technologies that can significantly improve your credentials and make you a better IT engineer.

Taking a look back at 2014, there are many Cisco certifications that remained in the…


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Things you must know to become a planning practitioner with a MUP degree

Introducing MUP


As the name suggests Master of Urban Planning is all about making professional who will be responsible for taking care of urban development projects. This course is generally designed by school of architects or other public service institutions. For getting enrollment a student must have one bachelor’s degree of a relevant field. Another aspect that is looked over while giving one enrollment is that they must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher to…


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