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Parents can help children find a passion for a career

‘A lucrative career or a plum job for my child’ – If someone has the capability to sneak into a parent’s mind, they are sure to hit upon this thought.

Building a career out of passion is a boon and living a life out of it is a blessing.

And what does it take to be a parent who does the fishing expedition to carve out a ‘settled’ future for our children? Can we really influence the smart generation? Are we also the mentors who would assist…


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New abilities are a bit problematic sometimes because they seem so useless especially when you’ve been doing things in your own way.…


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Tips for reflective journal writing

Reflective journal writing is an exciting field of writing that allows a student to record his/her personal thoughts and ideas. It majorly involves an individual response to experiences, events, opinions and emerging trends around us. Several specific tips are used worldwide when writing custom journal assignments. The tips set a reflective journal standard with better clarity and increase understanding of the topic. First, students should keep…


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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Online Homeschooling Program?

With the rapid advancement of digital technology, the concept of home schooling has evolved over the years gaining more popularity than ever.

Pros of online homeschooling program are:

· Suitable for everyone

Learning online accommodates much diversity. This is because…


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How technology can minimize the education gap!

The LINC 2016 focuses on how internet learning advancements can engage the job of giving quality education at scale, especially in progress countries and developing markets. The meeting is requesting papers that address the difficulties confronting these advancements, report on genuine applications with solid results, inspect the generally extending scope of digital learning, and…


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A few important parts of essay writing

In an essay, there are several important steps that must be considered:

Discovering the Title

The essay is very dependent on the theme, and the title is representative of the theme. Make a title that is able to represent the theme, while increasing the appeal of the reader. Strong headline will force the prospective reader to read the essay that you created. If you do not have ideas, you can observe the various phenomena that occur around you. You can…


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A Higher Level for Learning At The Archer School For Girls

Education, one of the most important gifts a child can have where anything and everything are possible, it is something that one will have for the rest of their lives. Understanding how and why things work, what happened in the past, what caused things to happen in the present and how things may develop in the future is all about having the knowledge that one needs. Education is the starting point for children to develop and become something later on in life, but unfortunately for many that…


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How We Can Help Students to Choose Right Careers

The selection of right career is not an easy job for students but it is the prime responsibility of teachers and parents to guide them in appropriate manner but it does not they should influence their choices on them. Firstly, teachers assist the student to make a clear stance about their skills, passion and interests.…


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Scope of PG Diploma in Anaesthesia

The primary purpose behind supplying a PG Diploma programme in anaesthesia is supplying understanding to students which will help them recognize the health care related needs from the community. Additionally, the programme anticipates handling the medical conditions and being conscious of the most recent developments within the area. A PG Diploma student is imparted fundamental abilities in medical or paramedical sciences. She or he must also be aware of concepts in research methodology in…


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Per Wickstrom: From Personal Addiction to Rehabilitation of Others

According to the most recent survey conducted by the Federal government and published in Monitoring the Future 2016: Teen Drug Use, use of illicit drugs is up just slightly in a ten year period. Although, at first glance, when reading the site they claim that the use of drugs is down in the long term, it only takes looking at their infographic to see that teen drug use is actually up, even if only by a very small margin.

This is a subject very near and dear to Per…


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10 Ideas to Live Better School Year in 2016

It is February and probably you have already passed the mid-way milestone of this academic year. However, the most exciting and intensive part is ahead of you and we’re here to help you get ready for that. Together with spring always come finals and the best strategy to go through that with light heart and clear mind is a good self-organization. Here you will find 10 ideas to help you with time management, avoid study block, set right goals and keep on the track to…


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Essay Writing Tricks and Tips for College Students

College years are not only noisy parties and new friends but also sleepless nights devoted to essay writing. A lot of students find it very difficult to write successful essays due to the peculiarities of the essay genre, which supposes to include arguments and the writer's opinion. Moreover, the role of an essay has become even more important since it has been included in the list of the college admission tasks. The process of writing an essay from the very beginning to an …


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5 Tips to Help You Choose the Right College Major

Choosing a major can be extremely difficult. It doesn't matter if you go to Northwestern University or if you are earning your degree with PSU Online, if you don't know what you want to do with the rest of your life, making the choice can be extremely daunting. Here are 5 tips to help you choose the right college major.…


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Top College Freshmen's Do's and Don'ts

Stepping foot onto a college campus with all of your belongings can be a nerve-wracking experience. After your parents drop you off, you're on your own. Liberating, isn't it?

 While it is an important rite of passage for college freshmen to make various mistakes, there are some…


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How to Craft a Great College Essay

There's something about a college essay that really seals the deal for a student to be accepted into a university. While a stunning transcript and radiating letters of recommendation certainly help, it is the college essay that truly expresses who the prospective student is as a person.…


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Top fundraising ideas for your program

In recent times, fundraising has evolved to become one of the most cumbersome activities you can ever undertake whilst planning to undertake certain projects for your organization. Now if you’re in school, there’s an extremely high possibility that you may want to get involved in organizing a program either voluntarily or as a part of a course requirement.


Whether it’s a charity, book club, basketball or soccer organization, there’s the obvious challenge which has to do with…


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How Can You Learn Amazing Recipes Online?

Whenever you are trying to create some amazing recipes, you will have to experiment multiple times so you can get something excellent out of your experiments. If you are a cook or you want to become a cook, then you will have to focus on your skills and you will have to be sure that you are going to create amazing recipes. There are various important things that you will have to keep in mind so you can come up with a great solution. It is always better for you to pay close attention to the…


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Why You Should Be Hiring The Services of A Criminal Defense Lawyer in Las Vegas Nevada

Just imagine that you have been charged with a criminal offence, in such circumstances as potentially life-changing as this one, should you be leaving your criminal defense to a public defender, or would it be wiser for you to trust the case to a professional criminal defense lawyer in Las Vegas Nevada?

The answer to this question should be obvious, but quite often it is not. An expert criminal defense attorney can offer you the expertise and…


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My Introduction into Teaching goes Massive

I'm doing a MOOC on https://novoed.com/storytelling-change-2016-1/reports/420158

Good course

This is one of the assignments about expressive story telling

My Introduction into Teaching goes Massive

This time I never expected what I was getting myself into.

There I was stuck in the middle of a multi media classroom surrounded by over 300 5 to 6 year-old students

When I got…


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College Admissions Essay Writing Do's and Don'ts

The process of applying for colleges can be incredibly exhausting and time consuming. One of the toughest aspects of submitting a college application is the admissions essay. Admissions committees are on the hunt for outstanding and unique students that bring with them strong character, a good work ethic, promising success and prominent interests.…


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