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Smartcards in Schools: Keep Track of How Much Your Kid Spends at School


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All you wanted to know about PGMP certification

If you are a project manager in one of the reputable organizations in Qatar and you wish to improve your career prospects in the same organization or you want to look out for job opportunities in other companies, you may consider doing PGMP certification. PGMP-Project Management Professional is a valuable certification that is awarded by the Project Management Institute (PMI). The main objective of this certification is to teach program governing and program managing to the managers. It…


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Why a well-designed resume is the key to getting your application noticed

As you may well know; the job market is not good at the moment. Sure; governments around the world are bleating about the fact that the unemployment rate has started to fall, but even for the most ‘basic’ of positions you will still find that there are dozens and dozens of applicants. The truth is; most recruiters are lazy. They are barely going to read the…


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Teaching vs Tutoring

I was a teacher for two years.  I taught human rights to adults from Myanmar.  I have recently transitioned into tutoring and am currently a GMAT Tutor.   In some ways, I like it better, because I get to give such personalized attention.  On the other hand I do miss the energy of classroom discussions.  Each has different benefits for both the teachers and students, so I wanted to take the time to compare…


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Participa libre de costo en las videoconferencias organizadas por ReVE-NIIF, RIDUCA, FIConta y RENIA.


EL FIConta (Foro Iberoamericano de Contabilidad), la RENIA (Red de Estudio de las NIA), la Red Virtual …


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What can we expect from the online universities of tomorrow?

The options for how students obtain a college education have changed drastically in the last 20 years. A generation ago, students were confined to the traditional campus model, their choices limited to tech schools, community colleges, or traditional university settings. They were forced to attend classes at the appropriated time, and if they couldn’t attend class during that time, then they couldn’t earn their degree – it was as simple as that.

The increasing popularity of…


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Murales con metas de aprendizajes Siguiendo la ruta del éxito escolar

Los Murales con metas de aprendizajes , son   una propuesta para el aula para implementar desde los primeros grados de la primaria hasta en los últimos años de la  secundaria.

La idea surge a raíz de las contundentes investigaciones relacionadas con el éxito.  Desde diferentes disciplinas como la psicología , las neurociencias , la sociología , el marketiing, y…


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Career Progress through Continued Education: Myth or Reality

The speed at which the business world today is functioning leaves no room for improvisation. Time is money and money frees your time, given that you master the ability of working less and earning more. It sounds illogical and impossible, but the fact is that a study has shown that some nations work less than others and still have a higher standard of living. The point is in a well-organized education system and smooth labor…


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