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The Future of Education?

Having just found this Ning, I was asked why I wanted to join the "Future of Education?" I was intriqued immediately by the question as my first response was " Why wouldn't I?" and its follow-up question "Why wouldn't EVERY teacher?"

This question has been pushing me to my "leading edge" (Thanks Joelle!) for quite some time now.

What IS the future of education? I think it is reigniting educational curiosity, questioning truths while respecting others, and developing ethical…


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Invitación a videoconferencia: "La Dolarización en El Salvador: Situación actual y Consecuencias de una eventual eliminación".

La Red de graduados de maestría en negocios de la Universidad Francisco Marroquín de Guatemala, radicados en El Salvador -ESEADE-MBA-UFM, invita a sus miembros, empresarios, gerentes, académicos, amigos y otros interesados, a la…

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Webinar internacional denominado: "Excel para Contadores y Auditores".

La  Re…

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Hola a todos

Hola a todos desde Santiago, Chile....con algo de frío, pero arropado en mi familia...mi idea de unirme a TFoE es aprender y conocer de experiencias innovadoras en educación, que puedan ser aplicadas a la enseñanza de la medicina.

Pese a poder  entender y expresarme en inglés, lo haré permanentemente en mi viejo y mal castellano/español/chileno...y sí, es por porfía y orgullo....el sur también existe....

Cariños a todos.


Added by José Tapia Carrasco on May 28, 2011 at 8:44am — No Comments

What house do you live in?

It might seem odd to begin a blog post with this title but hopefully you will find that the analogy is quite apt.

We all live in houses. However, the style, the quality, the fittings, the size, and the neighbourhoods that our houses are in are all different. It seems to be a trend in most countries that many people aspire to the larger house, the higher quality fittings, the expensive neighbourhoods, the more impressive styles, and so on. It would be a rare person that aspires to a…


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A Principal of Change – An Interview with George Couros

Originally posted -


I’m always interested in reading about educators who are trying to make a difference. I read a lot of blogs that teachers write, but I had never seen a principal with a blog until I discovered The Principal of Change by …


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Shambles Newsletter May 2011 ... online

Shambles Newsletter May 2011 .. now online
and it lives at
or use the short url …

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2o. Webinar titulado "Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones –TIC para la enseñanza universitaria"

Invitación al 2o. Webinar sobre TIC.
La  Re…

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What’s a Community-Wide Cloud Computing Academy?

Originally posted here -

Learning new things everyday is one of the fun things about being involved I had never heard of a cloud-computing academy until I met Conor (an ETG user). He has some interesting and ambitious goals that I think everyone involved in education would be interested to…


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Carrots and sticks may work for Donkeys, but...

Recently, the Federal Government announced a big carrot for teachers in the form of performance pay.  The top ten percent of teachers are going to receive a big bonus.  


The first point I wish to make is about the whole carrot and stick analogy itself.  The idea stems from the donkey who has the carrot held just in front of him, but as he moves, so does the carrot, as the person…


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